Go Shannon, it’s your Halloween-party-day

Kickboxing yesterday!  You know, I had just been thinking to myself, “Self, it’s been, like, two months since you gave a person a piggyback ride.  What is even up with that?”  The Halloween-Party-Day gods were listening, and they answered.  In piggyback form.  My piggybackee, Sam, cheered me on with the whole, Go Shannon, It’s your birthday chant, until I corrected her with the Halloween-Party-Day chant.  Because yesterday, being the Saturday immediately before Halloween, was Halloween-Party-Day.  After that, she just concentrated on racing me against fellow bootcamper Laura.  Quoth Sam, “I’m always competitive when I’m the rider.”

Other kickboxing adventures: I got knocked over!  Right onto my butt.  That’s what happens when you get chatty and inattentive during a kicking drill.  Also, I have paid for my boxing gloves, and will receive them sometime next week.  New bruise: Left hip, lovely shade of dark purple.

Halloween party at the Library House!  Apparently, drinking wine straight from the bottle has become my signature, and I am deeply, deeply pleased with this.  I figure if I use a glass, I am just making more work for Library House People the next day, and also buying into the Dawn Liquid Soap advertising conspiracy and we’re all just puppets of the wine glass industry… or… something.  I don’t know, it all starts to fall apart once I start “thinking” about it.

Anyway, hungover until noon, so I skipped grappling, like a loser.  I have done precisely dick in terms of fitness today.   Have done precisely dick in terms of a lot of things, really.  No closer to attaining Nirvana, curing cancer, or finding true love.  But I did some homework and came to work, also I got to sleep in and watch sitcoms.  My life rules!  What were we talking about?


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