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In Which Shannon Competes

I went to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Truro today.  Whoo!  I got points and everything!  Possibly my points were for takedowns, it’s a little hard to tell in the moment what the hell’s going on.  Anyway, I had two fights and lost both.  One was a tie and we had to go into overtime, which was fun.  Whoever got the takedown first won.  I… I did not get that takedown first.  Important things from the tournament!  1. I got a new tournie t-shirt, which is good because my old tournie t-shirt has been getting skanky.  2. I got a brand new long sleeved shirt to wear for the fight, so I looked pretty while losing.  3. I learned to french braid my hair specifically for this.  (It is possible I am dangerously shallow.  Caution: No diving into Shannon.)

Also, I honestly considered backing out of my second fight because I swallowed someone’s hair and was half-choking for a while.  Is this the lamest injury?  Yes, yes it is.

Anyway, everyone was great and we all had fun!  There were 13 ladies there this time, which is awesome!  And they weren’t all from Bushido Kai!  We actually got to have divisions and shit, and I met new people, just all so much fun.


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Combat Hug!

I invented the combat hug last night.  A combat hug is when you attempt to do a clinch, but it turns out you suck at just everything, and you wind up in an super-aggressive side-hug, instead.  Really, I bet I could’ve thrown some knees from there.  In the ring, I’m sure inventing moves mid-match at least gives you the crazy edge.  So, yes, combat hugs, tell your friends.  Or just hug them!

I’ve discovered I’m generally too polite to kick my partners in the head, which is bad because sometimes they need to learn.  I’ve got good hips, so if I can see they’re not going to dodge my headkick I’ll just kick over their head.  I’m a bad partner!

I came up with a great joke!  You know how Tim Hortons sponsors kids soccer teams?  And those teams are called TimBits?  And you can drive by a game and see all the TimBits running around?  So… free range timbits!  Boom!


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