Low-key Week!

I learnt something new today, because I was all, “I had twelve discrete dreams last night” Nikki was like, “Don’t you mean distinct” and I was all “I KNOW WHAT I SAID” and anyway the something I learnt was that the discrete I meant and the discreet she thought I meant are spelled differently, which you know because I just spelled them, but I didn’t know because I was saying them and I can’t see sounds NOW CAN I, INTERNET?

One of these dreams, by the way, was that stupid thing where I dream I wake up and go to the bathroom, then I wake up and go to the bathroom, but that’s a dream, so I wake up and go to the bathroom, which is a dream… and you see how this is going.  I was pretty annoyed.  In one iteration, possibly the reality but who even knows, I was ranting to myself, like, “I could be fighting Flying Battle Slugs high above Mega Tokyo with my Rainbow Gun, but no, I’m stuck in a loop of the most mundane thing I do.”  My subconscious is such a tease, some days.  Why introduce Flying Battle Slugs and not develop them?

Mom came up yesterday with sister-in-law Brittany and cute nephews Tyler and Gabe.  I got to eat out at a decent place in the first time in forever, which was fun.  I don’t have the stuff to cook properly for myself, so it’s been a lot of peanut butter sanwiches and spaghetti, supplemented by apples and granola bars.  I need to make peace with getting groceries on days other than Tuesday, or I will get rickets.  Oh!  I switched to that “good” peanut butter, the kind that’s just peanuts.  I’m still waiting for it to stop tasting like death.  My big problem, really, is spreadability.  It doesn’t spread!  Bread is ripped, words are said, war crimes are committed.



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6 responses to “Low-key Week!

  1. Monica

    Shannon! I had to comment on this. First of all, discrete/discreet – it’s like a revelation! I remember when I learned about the word “discrete”. A lot of profs like to use that… and I thought they were kind of nuts because I thought they were using the word discreet. Silliness. I kind of forgot that they were spelled differently though, so thanks for the heads up.

    As for the peanut butter… you must power through! It will get better. As for it being unspreadable, I highly recommend keeping it NOT in the refrigerator. I know it tells you to refrigerate it, but it does get all hard if you do that. I’ve been not refrigerating it for months now and I’ve lived to tell the tale, so I believe it is safe. If you’re already not refrigerating it… then I say. Umm. You are buying the wrong kind. Because mine is actually pretty runny… rather than unspreadable.

    Carry on.

    • Man, as soon as I get home, I am taking that peanut butter out of the fridge! Thank you! I kept wondering if it would be less unspreadable if it weren’t in the fridge, but I didn’t want to die of botulism or whatever, but if you’re still alive then I’ll run with it. Monica saves the day!

      I love the word discrete, so much, apparently so much I forget that not everyone knows it and my delightful stories get derailed by arguments about what words I’m using. But it’s OK, because I love the word enough to make that sacrifice. I think I’ve been mispelling discreet for a while, though, because when I went to look it up, I just spelled it discrete, and a spell-checker wouldn’t pick up on that. Whoops!

  2. Kathleen

    Peanut Butter NEVER BELONGS IN THE FRIDGE!!! It is one of two things that I believe people should be killed for refrigerating (along with tomatoes). I am glad you are no longer on my death list (I won’t ask where you keep your tomatoes).

    • Well, I’m always glad to be removed from a death list! You should write some threatening, unsigned, bloodstained letters to the peanut butter company, though, because they totally say to put it in the fridge right in the box. I’ll support you in that!

  3. Kathleen – what about keeping tomatoes in the fridge for the sole purpose of warding off those demonic fruit flies? Just hoping there’s a loophole in your policy…

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