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MMA Days!

We had the greatest kickboxing class.  MMA class!  This is, Mixed Martial Arts, which is what UFC is all about.  Basically, it’s mixing grappling and kickboxing, in this case kickboxing while on the ground.  So first my partner, a big guy, sat on my chest while I punched up at him for at least three minutes, I couldn’t see the clock but holy crap it’s hard to punch up.  I had to keep moving around, too, and trying to bump him off, which means basically bucking up with my hips to try to get him off my chest.  The poor guy wasn’t very used to grappling, though, so I had to remind him a few times to be really heavy on me and actually have his full weight on my chest.

Next!  I got to sit on a heavy bag and punch down on it.  So much fun, not even kidding.  I always wondered how the UFC fighters threw proper punches on the ground, since they didn’t have the full range of motion, but you can really get your hips going!  I now love hammerfists, and I only just discovered them in that exercise.  Also, we did an exercise where we laid on the ground and scooted in a circle on our backs while kicking right up into a front kick.  Basically, kicking the person in the face before they try to get past your legs and into your person.  These are the lessons that will get me confused in grappling class.

In another day entirely, I finally went to a co-ed grappling class!  And I even rolled with a man!  Very exciting!  (Although, when I explained it to Classy Erica, I phrased it, “I went with the men!  Now my knees are so bruised.”  I need to get better at saying things.  I am covered in awesome new bruises, is my point.)  We played a great game called Bulldog, which is sort of like Red Rover with your eyes closed and also violence.  Hard to explain quickly, but it is full of testosterone and badass and I enjoyed it.  I hope to play it more once I get better at it and the guys know me better and are more willing to tackle me.  The learning part involved a lot of really fun take-downs that I can’t remember the names of, so I can’t link to them here.  The important part is that I remember how to do them (I CAN’T REMEMBER HOW TO DO THEM).

Yesterday was my pre-mother’s day visit with Mom, an event celebrated with sushi (every event, people, I am telling you, sushi).  Then, a party with Sam, where I was sociable and talked to people I didn’t know, which was “everyone other than Sam”.  I was competing with other partygoers, to see who knew the fewest people there, and I was the proud winner of that game.

Today I got a last-minute invite to see the play Top Girls, which is seriously awesome and I love it.  The first, long scene could probably just be the whole play, although the rest is worth watching, too.  I have learned about several badass historical ladies I did not know about at all, how terrible is that.  Lady Pope?  How did this chick escape my notice for so long?  Yes, she’s legendary and probably not real, but I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I choose my reality based on it’s fantasticness.


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So damn lazy

I’ve had so much homework, so I’ve been skipping my various ass-kicking classes.  Well, two of them this week.  Not too bad, I suppose.  Except I’ve been writing boring papers instead of working out/beating ass.  My little row of post-it notes is getting steadily shorter, though!  Success!

Did do a nice amount of sparring on Saturday, though, mainly with Rosie.  We’re well-matched, so it was really fun to spar together.  We were also practicing trash-talking with each other.  I think I’m too nice to be a good trash-talker.  Oh well!  We were doing a lot of practice with the clinch, learning how to escape the clinch and immediately lock your opponent up in your own clinch.  So Rosie and I decided to try to see how long we could keep going with an uninterrupted chain of clinches.  Rosie would get me, then I’d get her, then she’d get me… I think we had up to five or six in a row before we gave up.  Anyway, now I have this ideal of the Eternal Clinch.  It’s where warriors go when they die.  It’s like poetry, because I don’t understand poetry.

Went clubbing Saturday night.  I learned that people who go clubbing with leg casts receive lots of high fives.  As for me, I was planning on having bare legs because clubs are hot and sweaty, but I realized when I had my dress on that my legs were all bruised.  Dang!  The life of a lady fighter is a tough one.  And like five of the guys I saw wandering around had no shirts on.  Lucky bastards.

We discussed blogs in class today, and the prof asked who had blogs, and what did they put on their blogrolls.  Man, I don’t have a blogroll.  I read blogs, but a lot of them are newsy, political things.  Or completely ridiculous.  I guess I should make a blogroll.  I also want to go through and start tagging posts as to topic.  It’s hard!  Every single post is just going to be labeled “red hot inanity”.

Kathleen and I went to a talk on repaying student loans on Monday, which was super-informative and I will share my notes on it with whoever wants them.  Like twelve people from all of Dalhousie came, and three of them were from the library school, because we are awesome dorks.  The guy who put it on had a vocal cadence kind of like a movie thug, though, which made me think that Student Loans may have repurposed him from “collections” or something.  They have this new image, they’ve stopped cutting off thumbs and breaking kneecaps, they need to find something for this guy to do, as far away from a switchblade as possible.

Yesterday I was having a weirdly high self-esteem day.  I mean, my self-esteem is pretty high anyway, but yesterday it was just off the charts.  I really should’ve written some cover letters, but they might’ve gone badly.  “Why should you hire Shannon?  Because I rock.  I will rock the reference right outta your desks.  Call me, bitches~  Peace out, double kiss.”

I had the great brainwave today that we should all write cover letters for each other.  Because we’d be more relaxed, and it’s easier to talk up someone else than yourself.  Again, this might go badly.  “If you don’t hire Kathleen, I will come for you.  In the night!

OK, I’ve added tags to this post.  Holy crap, are they inane.  I don’t know how specific I’m supposed to get.  I’ll go back and add them to my previous posts, too, when I’m feeling like avoiding homework sometime.  Oh, man, maybe I’ll even add that excerpt thing, a blogroll, and I’ll be like a fully formed blogger.


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In which Shannon gets punched in the head for, like, five minutes

Oh man, sparring with headgear is sweet.  I can’t actually get hit with full power, because there are limits and all that, but I still got to get hit in the head.  A few more rounds of this, and I will figure out this whole ‘dodging’ thing that the kids are raving about.  Or forget third grade.  One of these.  For the last sparring round, we traded on defense and offense, meaning first Judy could only strike me, and I could only defend, for five minutes, then we switched and I could only strike Judy, and she could only defend.  Taking away the ability to strike made us really work on our defense, which was the purpose of the exercise.  Having headgear on, it basically lead to me running around while getting hit in the face for five minutes.  But I learned!  Being on offense was stupidly fun, though, because I could throw the really impractical, like, spinning back kicks that telegraph from a mile off and there was nothing Judy could do but dodge and be exasperated.

Oh yeah, on Thursday we learned spinning back kicks, like Chuck Norris does in those movies I never actually watch.  I feel very cool while doing them, but can’t actually remember them five minutes later and also at this point would probably get stabbed several times while setting them up.  By which I mean, while sparring, my partner would have time to leave, buy a knife, probably haggle with the knife salesman, come back, and stab me three-ish times.  Of course, it’s only a matter of practice, I will get faster and better the more I do them.  But it feels so far off!

Grappling today!  I requested that we learn sweeps (like, flipping your opponent), and boy howdy, did we sweep!  We were doing some tripod sweeps and using the momentum of our falling partner to propel ourselves up on top of them.  Being the bouncy little lunatic I am, I was somehow rocketing, like, right over Jodie’s head like a bullet, way into the beyond.  Near as I could figure, my strategy here is to land in the next match over and beat both of fighters using the element of surprise.

Kristian at the club was asking me exactly how cold it has to get for me to wear long work-out pants, as opposed to my knee-lengths.  I was being evasive about it, and finally he was just, like, “You just like people seeing your pretty boots, don’t you?”  Ding-ding-ding!  It is true, I will suffer a lot of cold just so I can show off my sexy boots.  $4.50 at Frenchy’s!

In things that have nothing to do with fighting, I did my annual volunteering at the LiveArt fundraiser last night.  I’m always up for a free dance/comedy show.  This is the great thing about volunteering.  Coat check is a relatively easy task, and then I get to watch an awesome show for free.  But coat check can be hard in some ways, because some people have fabulous coats that I covet so hard.  And then they want them back, but already I’ve become emotionally attached.  I’m all, “Have you seen my coat?  It’s sensible and functional.  I might as well wear a Stalinist boot factory.  You take it, I’ll keep your furry thing with the buttons.”


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Much like a manatee!

I just got back from Gerald’s three-hour (actually three-and-a-half hours, of course) one-day mini-bootcamp.  Sweet merciful God in heaven!  I would whine about being in pain, but the true pain won’t start for another two days, when I wake up, sit up in bed, and every muscle rebels in agony.  You will hear the scream, wherever you are, you will hear it.

Anyway, it started with a run/walk up and down South Street.  It was, one minute walk, one minute run.  But it was Gerald Time, so it was more like 45 seconds walk, minute and a half run.  So I learned something about Gerald Time.  I always knew times were longer with him when things were hard, I just figured out today that the easier stuff is shorter.  Oh well!  Also, I’m usually the worst runner, but I was smack in the middle to finish!  Yay!  After that we were indoors, where we did all sorts of things, including weights!  I’ve never used weights before!  Kickboxing Erika (differentiated from Class Erica, aka Original Recipe Erica, aka Erica That Doesn’t Actually Need a Title Unless She Asks For One I Guess) said I would get weights in two days, when I suddenly lose the ability to wash my hair or itch my face, because my arms just won’t go that high.  I also did, like, eight chin-ups!  For the end, sparring!

Bootcamp running gag was the three-armed baby.  (We were envisioning, like, comic book three arms, of course.)  How would you work out with three arms?  How would you stretch?  How would you give birth to a three-armed baby?  So many questions to keep us laughing like complete idiots while we were supposed to be concentrating on being in terrible, terrible pain.  All of the blood had left our brains for our muscles, “thinking” was not our strong suit.  I think Kickboxing Erica put it best when she said, “Nothing classy has been said here today.”  Very true.  I thought back, and could not remember one classy thing.

In other but related news, I had a weird mystery this winter that I finally figured out.  I used to be able to sleep in really cold rooms.  No heat, one blanket, minimal clothes, no matter how much the temperature dropped.  This year, that suddenly changed.  I was getting too cold to sleep, having turn on the heat, bundle up, put on socks.  The other night I had to sleep in my hoodie.  Anyway, I was joking with my dad that I lost all my blubber, and as soon as I said it I realized that was probably actually it.  I lost 40 pounds, and now I’m getting all cold!  It’s like when a manatee goes on a diet, then she has to buy a sweater.

My first kickboxing class of the year last night.  Holy crap, it was packed.  I didn’t realize kickboxing was a New Year’s resolution type thing, but apparently I was being foolish.  I had to be very careful while roundhouse kicking Cynthia in the head, not to accidentally nick any beginners.  But it was fun, because I could actually give useful advice to people.  “When you block a blow to your head, keep your torso in mind.”  Aw, it’s almost like I know what I’m talking about.  I told Gerald about losing 40 pounds, and he was all excited and announced it to everyone, and it was very sweet, even though the beginners were probably all, like, “Yay, lady we don’t know, doing a thing…”


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There was a charity bottle-drive at the Library House last night.  You brought your bottles, full of alcohol, emptied them accordingly, then donated the emptied to the Student Union.  I actually lost my wine bottle mid-emptying, which was probably for the best, since I could have fun regardless and not be hungover for kickboxing.  It’s win-win!  Presumably, the bottle was adopted and consumed by some vagrant first-year and donated.  Win-win-win!

I learnt many fascinating things, including things about book clubs.  Did you know, Internet, that the cool book clubs barely involve books at all?  And I have been declared cool enough to join these cool book clubs?  Now I just need to find one!  Or start one!  Maybe I could advertise it, like, COME TO MY BOOK CLUB.  THERE’S NO READING LIST, ONLY A WINE LIST.  VODKA COUNTS AS WINE.

After Library Party, I went out dancing with Andrea and her friend Julie.  I haven’t gone out dancing in a million years!  I’d seriously forgotten how fun it is.  I incorporated my bellydancing, just a little.  It doesn’t work too much on the regular dance floor, but I was working the hip circles in, and Andrea assured me I didn’t look completely stupid.  That’s all I hope for from any situation, really.

I went to bed at 3 last night, which is the latest I’ve gone to bed in years.  How do people function like this?  I’ve been making a habit of late nights, what with this blasted social life and all, so I may have to rethink my “always up at 7am” rule.  It’s just getting ridiculous.

Coolest thing I learnt in kickboxing in a while.  When pregnant, which exercise do you think suffers the most?  Try to guess, but it’s totally mindblowing.  OK, here it is: pushups!  There’s no way to do a full pushup, because you’ll crush your little baby!  I just found that so entertaining.  You’d think situps or something like that, but it’s pushups.  No one argue with me about this, by the way.  I have no backing, a kickboxer who had recently had a baby just told me this.

I’ve decided to move towards sparring at some point, so I’m going to buy some boxing gloves and all the other gear.  I’ll put up a picture of myself all decked out whenever I get it.  If anyone takes a picture of me getting my ass completely whupped, I’ll also post that.  Should be good times.

Holy crap, do I see sunlight?  Can I leave the house without getting rained all over?  I can put on clothes and everything, sweet-ass!

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