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I’m tutoring at AST right now (well, not right now, because I’m blogging right now, but I’m in the room where I tutor and I’m getting paid to tutor so don’t get all “semantics” with me, Internet).  I actually had a few patrons today, which is rad-tacular (I’M A WRITING SKILLS TUTOR).  I haven’t updated in a few days, because nothing interesting has been happening, but now I have a few deadlines bearing down, so it’s definitely time for a little blogging.

Important things I forgot to say about grappling!  I asked around, and what I’m doing is actually called no-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Courtney just called it Women’s Submission Grappling on the poster so as not to freak out chicks.  Also!  I choked a lady so hard, she said she throw up in her mouth a little.  THIS WAS A COMPLIMENT.  Double also!  This same lady told me that once, a huge guy choked her so hard, both her contacts popped out.  True story!  In a few months, I will go and roll with men, and it will be fabulous/terrifying.  Faberrifying.

Are you guys familiar with The Imp of the Perverse?  The name is from Poe, not any gutter-filth, don’t worry!  Anyway, just putting this next paragraph into some context for you.  I really like pushing buttons.

This story is old, but it’s here by request.  During fleet week, I took a tour of a Danish navy ship, and they just let you walk around up in the bridge, with all the delicate instruments tantalizingly exposed.  Buttons, radars, even phones.  I mean, I’m sure they took precautions, I know I couldn’t’ve fired a missile or started the ship or whatever.  But I’m also sure they wouldn’t have taken kindly to me just pushing random buttons, because there were buttons to be pushed.  I don’t know why, but the phone next to the captain’s chair was the worst temptation.  All I wanted was to pick it up and shout some orders, or ask for a pizza, or I don’t even know what.  And that a good way to get suddenly tackled by, like, six angry Danish navy guys.  Even I know better than to fuck around on a navy ship!  But I sort of wish I didn’t…

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