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Grad Students Playing in Sunlight

I did a hulahooping workshop on Monday afternoon in the Library House backyard.  At least, I can phrase it that way.  I totally taught hulahoop tricks!  I am not the most adept hulahooper, but I’m pretty good at a few tricks, and I am happy to teach it to people.  My favourite trick is spinning it above your head, then fwooping it down around your body so you’re suddenly hulahooping, but it takes practice and my apartment is small.  Your can reverse it, too, but that’s harder.  I also like spinning it above my head and switching it from hand to hand.  Then we found a worm digging down into the ground and Deirdre and I yelled at it to hurry up because we were over-excited at this point.  Monica took pictures, and it turns out her camera has some opinions about some things.  It has settings for candlelight dinner, fireworks, and children playing in sunlight.  We went with children playing in sunlight, because it was the closest to our deal.  Clearly the camera is judgmental and has never been unemployed on a sunny afternoon with a grad degree.

Oh man, speaking of which, I came up with a new pithy saying for myself.  “I may be poor, but at least I’m drunk.”  Damn, I’m good at these.  Is there a job where you get paid to come up with a hilarious saying once every four months-ish?  Because I would kill at that.

I redid my blog again!  This time I actually came up with my own picture.  It looks like a picture of a painting, but it’s actually a photo of a table from a tearoom in Bratislava.  All the tables had these beautiful paintings.  I might play around with it some more, so don’t let your entire world lose all meaning if you notice the picture changing slightly.  My only problem with this template is that is doesn’t have anywhere for my awesome subtitle, The best ideas are rarely good.  I put it above the search box, because I am a massive lameass and I love my stupid subtitle.  Would it look completely stupid if I just wrote it directly onto the image?


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I actually have a life.

Man, this month I’ve had almost no free time, and I’m loving it! I’m already lining up crap for August. Anyone care to join me for a burlesque workshop?

Hulahoop today, and I finally got the trick to grabbing the hoop off my waist, up over my head, spinning it up there, then getting it back down on my waist. I’m not good at it yet, but I can do it. I will focus on the positives, goddammit!

OK, so I made a delightful joke at work today, and nobody paid attention to me, so I’m writing it here because I am DELIGHTFUL. I think FAQs should have a question that’s just GRAAAAAHHHHGGRRBBLLRG!!!! And the answer should be, like, get drunk and call tech support. So that’s out of my system, now I can move on with my life.

I’ve told a few people this, but I think it’s important, so I’m writing it here, for posterity(!) The context in which you definitely believe that a person is NOT just being polite when they assure you that you’re not fat is: when that person is giving you a piggyback ride. I learn so many important things at bootcamp. But the most important thing, they have yet to teach me. That thing is: how to elbow motherfuckers in the teeth. I feel that will have the most practical applications in my day-to-day life.

Today I wore a headscarf and a hoop earring and I meant to be a gypsy but instead I think I wound up looking like a pirate. A pirate with a hulahoop.

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