About Shannon

Blogging by popular demand!  (Yes, all three of you.)  My ridiculous stream of consciousness is on the web, saving everyone the trouble of talking to me.

I’m an idiot living in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and I make a hobby of being terrible at new things.  In the past I have been terrible at kickboxing, bootcamping, bellydancing, hulahooping and brazilian jiu-jitsu.  Now that I’ve moved to this new town, I’ll have to see what new things I can find to do terribly in.  There are fewer options, which just means I’ll have to get creative.  I’m pretty much here to chronicle my ridiculous adventures in getting my ass kicked by ridiculous circumstances.  But I can be pretty funny about it!

I’m also a librarian, which I’m actually good at.  So don’t worry, fine people of my region, the lady failing all over your gym mats is actually rocking behind the library scenes.

Also, and this is important, there is the potential for Belgian chocolate isolation cake made from plums that have rotted to the point of alcohol in all things.  (This is an amalgam of, like, three inside jokes, here by request.  Hi Kathleen!)


5 responses to “About Shannon

  1. Did I bust your blog reply virginity? Did I?

  2. I’m afraid Kathleen took my blog-cherry. Better luck next time!

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