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Life is boring and fantastic

Yeah, so I haven’t updated in a little while, because nothing has been going on.  No classes, no parties, no fitness, no work!  Well, I worked last night, but there was no one there, so I just sat quietly for five hours and went home.  Everything is cancelled and everyone is gone because it’s December, so I’m just hanging around, going on walks and getting fat.  All of my adventures have been pointless and abortive, like, Shannon is Thwarted at the Passport Office, but That’s OK, She’s Not Actually Going Anywhere for, Like, Five Months, Anyway.

I availed myself of the public library’s reference desk yesterday!  I needed directions downtown, and I was all, like, the Reference Desk will save me!  I’m always willing to boost my compatriots statistics!  Anyway, they were totally nice, so this is me plugging them.  Rock on, Halifax Public Library.

My new laptop is fun, but the keyboard is slightly different and messing with me.  There’s an extra line of keys along the left side, so I keep hitting this “print” key when I’m going for “shift”, and the “calculator” key when I want “control”.  My life is very difficult. I have to say, though, I love the existence of the calculator key.  Because I need the calculator all the time, because I am an idiot.

I dreamt last night I got a haircut from six ladies is creepy masks.  This is why I haven’t updated in like five days.  Because I have nothing.  I’m telling you people my dumbass dreams.

Oh!  I found one of my all-time favorite teas, Stash Christmas Eve tea!  I’ve been hunting for it all year, to no avail.  As soon as I saw it yesterday, I was, like, Oh yeah, seasonal.  So I bought a whole bunch, because fuck seasons, just… just fuck those guys.

Anyway, I’m going to go back to my small, Decemberly, hibernative existence of reading things.  News, novels, whatever.  I found a book of poetry called The Truro Bear!  I think it’s that American Truro near New York, but whatever, the Truro bear has a blueberry field and everything!  I will be going back to Truro to hang with family and harass friends sometime soon.  Baked goods will occur.  I will make cherry surprises, which are the best thing that will ever explode in your mouth, bar none.  I’m willing to do some kind of panel to test this.  This is an ‘everybody wins’ sort of situation.

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Low-key Week!

I learnt something new today, because I was all, “I had twelve discrete dreams last night” Nikki was like, “Don’t you mean distinct” and I was all “I KNOW WHAT I SAID” and anyway the something I learnt was that the discrete I meant and the discreet she thought I meant are spelled differently, which you know because I just spelled them, but I didn’t know because I was saying them and I can’t see sounds NOW CAN I, INTERNET?

One of these dreams, by the way, was that stupid thing where I dream I wake up and go to the bathroom, then I wake up and go to the bathroom, but that’s a dream, so I wake up and go to the bathroom, which is a dream… and you see how this is going.  I was pretty annoyed.  In one iteration, possibly the reality but who even knows, I was ranting to myself, like, “I could be fighting Flying Battle Slugs high above Mega Tokyo with my Rainbow Gun, but no, I’m stuck in a loop of the most mundane thing I do.”  My subconscious is such a tease, some days.  Why introduce Flying Battle Slugs and not develop them?

Mom came up yesterday with sister-in-law Brittany and cute nephews Tyler and Gabe.  I got to eat out at a decent place in the first time in forever, which was fun.  I don’t have the stuff to cook properly for myself, so it’s been a lot of peanut butter sanwiches and spaghetti, supplemented by apples and granola bars.  I need to make peace with getting groceries on days other than Tuesday, or I will get rickets.  Oh!  I switched to that “good” peanut butter, the kind that’s just peanuts.  I’m still waiting for it to stop tasting like death.  My big problem, really, is spreadability.  It doesn’t spread!  Bread is ripped, words are said, war crimes are committed.


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The case of the missing grappling class

Man, so grappling didn’t happen today because I couldn’t find it, or it was cancelled or something, I don’t know.  Man, I was all het up for some wrasslin’ and… nothing.  I got to what I think is the right place, and the door was locked and no one was there.  So I went to the mall instead, which is just such a pathetic use of frustrated grappling energy, one could weep.  I bought a $6.99 brush, because my old brush broke.  This means that, this summer, the grand total I’ve spent on my hair is: $6.99.  I am quite the catch, aren’t I?

Yesterday’s bootcamp was good times.  We spent the first half running laps through this residential area.  At one point a random guy asked me “Why are all you people running?” and I said “I don’t know, man, this guy’s making us.”  Then we started working out in a playground, and this little girl asked her mommy what the people were doing, and she was, like, “I-I don’t know, sweetie.  I couldn’t do that.”  So we’re scaring the locals, and that’s special.

A few of us decided to start a betting pool for bootcamp.  It’s usually a surprise where we’ll be, so we were betting on if we’d be at, say, a playground, or a park, or a hill.  The other bet was what body part would hurt most the next morning.  Shoulders and ass are out, because they’re too easy.  I took arms, and I think I won, because my arms certainly hurt.  Calves and abs are the big winners, because they can take a lot of punishment, but when they finally do hurt, holy crap holy crap holy crap.  I was trying to do odds, but I’m an idiot, so I was failing badly.

Oh yeah, I’ve completely forgotten about the lucid dreaming thing for weeks, so I guess that’s off.  Oh well!  I was starting to get edgy about all that permanent marker ink getting into my bloodstream.  Also, I was starting to dream about writing on my hand, which is just intensely self-defeating.

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I just took my first ride on my shiny new (dirty, old) bike!  I went the gate of Point Pleasant Park and back.  It… was not elegant.  (It was probably a mistake to wear a skirt.)  But I made it!  No scars or anything!

I can’t decide if I’m more intimidated by the physical difficulty or the traffic.  Man!  Intersections!  Lane changes!  And I’m signalling like I’m trying to do fucking semaphore.  And I was doing this on a lazy Sunday.  I’m a complete wiener.  But going up hills was a fun (grueling) challenge.  I’m sure it will be a worthy replacement to bellydancing.

I’ve been a complete consumer whore this weekend.  In such a mood to buy pretty things.  Bootcamp has me in so much pain, I figure I deserve it.  Oh, such a terrible, delicious attitude.

No word yet on lucid dreams, but I’m keeping up the good fight.

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I had my last hulahoop class of the summer today, so it’s time to move on to a new project.  I’ve decided on: lucid dreaming!  It all flows so nicely, right?  I know, you may think this is because of that movie Inception, but it’s really not.  Well, indirectly, but just because the movie is probably the reason the New York Times ran this really cool article on nightmares, which reminded me of a lucid dreaming book I read when I was thirteen, and NOW is the time to act on it, goddammit.

(This is what happens when you people leave me to my own devices for an entire lunch hour.)

Anyway, the advice in the book was this: draw a C on the back of your left hand with permanent marker (or on tape on your hand for you “losers” who don’t “poison” in your “blood”).  The C stands for Conscious, and every time you look at it, remind yourself that you’re awake.  The idea is that, eventually, you’ll start noticing in your dreams that you don’t have the C, realize that you’re dreaming, and BAM, you’re lucid dreaming.  I remember it actually started to work when I was a teenager, but I stopped because I kept waking myself up when I woke up in the dream.  So I’m trying again.

Now!  I’m taking dream requests!  If/when I start lucid dreaming, anyone have anything they think I should dream about?  The tough thing about lucid dreams is figuring out what to do once you realize it’s a dream.  Yes, the flying is obvious, but I can’t help but feel there’s so much more out there.  So, hit me with your best shots.  No reasonable offer will be refused.


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