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Hungover Somersaults!

Wow, it’s apparently been a really busy week, because I haven’t updated since my last quiet Sunday shift.  How time flies!  Anyway, grappling today was super-awesome, made slightly less super-awesome by my teeny-weeny hangover.  I seriously would not even have noticed it, except we were doing goddamned combat somersaults again.  We barely ever do those, why do they always happen on the days after parties?  I somersaulted like a champ for a while, but once we got to monkey-style (that really just the normal kind, which is the most dizzy-making, as it turns out, I’m now a somersault connoisseur), I had to stop halfway through.  Just… just not worth the risk.

We ran out of time and the end, so no rolling today.  But Jodie and I did get to slam each other into the mat a whole bunch, and in the end, isn’t that what matters?  I learned how to do a two leg take-down!  We also did an exercise called The Panther, which sounds really elegant and regal but when I do it just looks like crap.  I like it anyway, because you sort of look like Spiderman climbing a wall.

Last night was a lovely party with lovely party people.  At some point there may be a photo of me chugging wine straight out of the bottle.  Please let it be known, this was for photo-op purposes only, I delicately sip my wine from the bottle like a lady.  Other party shenanigans involved me at one point doing stomach crunches while eating potato chips.  I also “learned” to play Settlers of Catan, by which I mean, I learned I am awesome at rolling dice, seriously, it is a gift.  Also at some point I think I agreed to play water polo and submit an article to DJIM.

Night before that, out with kickboxers to say goodbye to Phil, who is leaving forever a few months to go to Mars England.  These were different kickboxers than I’ve gone out with before, and it was just delightful.  We went out right after kickboxing class, too, but at least with time to shower and change because I don’t really bring a change of clothes with me.  The class was fun.  We were doing, like, 100 jabs, 100 crosses, 100 uppercuts, 100 hooks.  Gerald teased me about taking the ‘aerobics’ approach at first, and made me stop and punch like a fighter.

I had my second and, sniff, last Bollywood dance class on Thursday.  Yeah, I was the only one to show up, not really the basis of a sustainable class.  Dammit!  There’s a flamenco class at the same time, I might go to that based on the sound principle of ‘why the fuck not?’  The last class was fun, anyway.  It was like a private lesson with Monique!  And then I raided her playlist, because she has the best music!

And before that, classes!  Like, school classes, my first full week.  I managed to already do one presentation, because I am a boring keener.  The Business Intelligence class involves reading business news and talking about it in class 2-3 times in the term, which will almost certainly get me reading business news like a crazy person and bringing it up every week, because if there’s one thing I can do, it’s read the goddamned news like a competition.  For reals, it’s like a ploy designed specifically to get me to read business news, only Shannon.  My online class, Records Management, looks like it’ll be taking place in a classroom, where everyone chats online with the prof while she talks into a headset.  The kinks are getting ironed out, is what I’m saying.  I honestly kind of prefer classrooms, anyway, so whatever, brightside.

Now, I am at work.  I went to throw out some trash, and they appear to have moved my trashcan.  Seriously, where the hell is my poubelle?  Also, I don’t know who that “they” is, I just know my trashcan didn’t move itself.  This isn’t Beauty and the Beast.  Or is it?


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New Dance Thing!

I went to a new Monique dance class today!  Bollywood fusion!  I was planning to do Bellydance level 2, but Bollywood is so fun I may just do that instead.  Plus, it’s a workout/dance class, so apparently it’s like Zumba, if I ever were to figure out what Zumba is.  Anyway, there’s this one move where you essentially do Goddess Pose from yoga, but then you jump thirty times while sticking out your tongue and opening your eyes as wide as possible.  Imitating the goddess Kali, who I am so all about, you don’t even know.  I have comparatively fewer limbs and severed heads, but the big rack is there.  There are also moves that are all elegant and what-have-you, if that’s what you’re into.  At the start of class, we have to stretch our fingers, because we do all sorts of finger things called, like, lotus and peacock.  Then we speed it up like crazy and put it to Jai Ho.  Oh, I will enjoy being terrible at this.

First class of the last semester yesterday!  Yay!  I’ve already done some actual homework and everything.  Oh, I’m so adorably energetic when classes start.  I had to restrain myself from barrelling like a linebacker to the signup sheet for group presentations.  I don’t care what I’m presenting on, I just want to go first, goddammit.  Of course, I am still going first.  People hate going first, I really had no competition.

OK, this is weird, but does this ever happen to you, Internet?  This morning, my radio had spontaneously changed stations on me!  I always keep my clock radio (every radio, really) on CBC Radio 2, and this morning when my alarm went off it was two stations over, at some top-40 station.  I don’t know the name of it, because I don’t know any of the other stations, on account of the aforementioned only-one-channelling I do (I can verb anything, because I am a word wizard).  It was an unnerving way to wake up, anyway.  I always wake up to the last two seconds of Bob Mackowycz talking, then the little musical intro to the news, and if I don’t have to actually get up that day, I can stay in bed and listen to said news.  This morning, some guy was talking, about things, and then music was playing.  It was like a nightmare!  I seriously assumed I was still sleeping.


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I am left-assed, apparently

Bellydancing update!  We were experimenting with squeezing only one glute, independently of the other.  I have an easier time with the left, which is I guess unusual.  So I’m right-handed, but left-assed.  Just keeping you people abreast of important things in my life.

Kickboxing!  Gerald had me aside and asked if I wanted to be a “person who takes kickboxing” or a “fighter”.  It would have been pretty funny to say, “Yeah, I just wanna be a schmo who takes kickboxing”, but I figured I should go with the fighter option.  So I learnt how to throw a really badass punch, and spent so much time concentrating on the muscles from my toes, knees, hips, shoulders, all of it, I was goddamned forgetting how to curl my goddamned fingers.  My point is, my thumb hurts, but that’s OK because I’m getting badass-er.

I ate an apple yesterday, and I think a piece is, like, lodged down at the bottom of my esophagus.  I have no idea what to do about it, but it hurts!  I keep eating other things, in hopes they’ll move it, but to no avail.

This reminds me of a delightful story from my delightful childhood, which you’ll damn well be delighted to hear.  I was born with a thyroglossal duct cyst, and when I was three I had to go to the hospital to have surgery to get it removed.  I asked my dear mommy why I had to go to the hospital, and, being a good nurse, she explained to my three-year-old-self that before babies are born, they have a piece of tissue that goes down their throat to make their thyroid, and when they’re born it’s supposed to disappear, but mine didn’t disappear, so the doctors have to take it out or it could lead to infections.  And my little three-year-old-self was all, “… what?”  So my dad said, “Honey, you know those apple slices with peanut butter you like to eat?   Well, one of those apple slices is stuck in your throat, so the doctors have to take it out!”  And I was all, “Like Snow White!”  And Dad was all, “Exactly like Snow White.”

Anyway, I would not lie to you, I believed the apple thing until I was, like, sixteen.  I’m really not an idiot, it was just a matter of never thinking very hard about it.  I would occasionally look at the scar on my neck, and be, like, “Oh yeah, the apple thing”, and then not think about it past that, until one day my mother was all, “What fucking apple?  Thyroglossal duct cyst.”  There’s an important lesson in there about challenging assumptions, but I don’t actually care.


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The bugs! They’re everywhere!

OK, am I the only one who sees all those terrible little green maggotty caterpillar-inchworm-things hanging from the trees?  Because I walk down the street with people, and I feel like I’m the only one freaking out and dodging the little bastards, and then I feel like the lunatic, complaining about being surrounding by bugs, the bugs are all over me, holy crap, holy crap, etc.  But they just fly around on the wind!  And they hang under trees!  Yes, explaining them sounds crazy, but they’re there, so why is no one freaking out with me?

So, my problem is Global Warming.  Because it is Fall, and the stupid floating caterpillars are supposed to be a fucking Spring thing, but they are here, plaguing me while I wander blithely through the woods like a delightful wood nymph, with my laptop and kicky blazer, much like they had in Ancient Greece.

I got downright giddy during my last class of my twelve-hour Tuesday.  I’d had a test the class before.  A test.  I haven’t done a test in years.  Then a bunch of us sat around for 45 minutes while I tried to convince the rest that my apartment, full of alcohol, was within easy reach.  I was (rightfully) ignored, but turns out I really didn’t need booze (do I ever?).  I was running on an entertaining combination of social-life-staying-up-late-syndrome and nine-hours-of-class-itis.  Bellydancing needs to kick it up a notch, sane me up a little or something.  That or Knowledge Management needs to get way less hilarious.

You may get a cool post about my emergency preparedness kits, but do you want to know what the two most important things I always keep next to my bed are?  A dream journal, for if I have an awesome dream.  And a hammer, in case of rapists.  These are the two most important things.  Everything else will fall into place on its own, but amazing dreams and rapist-smashing wait for no man.

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So, I’ve finally gone back to class, like all the cool kids do.  Maybe soon I’ll, like, set foot inside the bookstore, and the university experience will be complete.  Anyway!  My nine-hour-class-day went off without a hitch.  It was actually quite delightful!  The final three hours (Knowledge Management) looks to be, frustratingly, quite engaging and interesting, so I won’t even get to pass out at the back or anything.  It’s just because somehow I got to shoehorn in my rambling conspiracy theory about metaphors and politicians.  Dammit, Marina, do not encourage me in these things!

I did bellydancing in the middle, during lunch, which was so helpful as a brain break, but every time I thought about it I started subconsciously gyrating and doing snake arms in class, which was probably less than helpful.  Let’s say I’m increasing my mystique?

I wore my sassy fedora downtown today, and so many people smiled at me.  I should save it for days when I really need cheering up.  But that would be boring, so I’ll just wear it all the time.

Today was my lightweight day, with only one class that’s a measly three hours long.  Yawn.  Collections management, is what it was.  Somehow almost all of you were in this class, despite the fact that no one was talking about it.  I thought it was going to be me, alone in a room with Joyline.

I’ve been looking over my schedule, and as it stands, once things pick up in October, I’ll actually have four jobs, and three fitness classes (I had to drop Pilates, sadly), and those actual class things I’m apparently expected to do.  Also, homework, and an awesome social life I don’t plan on neglecting.  Maybe if I start sleeping now, I’ll have it all saved up, and I can just stay awake for two straight months?  Ah, but I kid!  I love a challenge!

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Shit on a shingle kinda day

Today is a day where I don’t feel like cooking, so I’m eating a delicious, nutritious meal of shit on a shingle.  You guys can thank my dad for that colourful name.  For years, I was perfectly happy calling it beans on toast, until one day he decided to correct me.

I finally got off my lazy butt and went to a fitness thing other than bootcamp!  And it only took the larger part of August!  Anyway, the thing was Fake Kickboxing.  It’s like kickboxing where you don’t actually get to hit anything.  I learnt that I listen to top-40 music so little that I cannot distinguish between a remix and a skipping cd.  I also learnt that working out is way more relaxing when Gerald isn’t encouraging (slash yelling at) me, but I get, like, way way less out of it.

I’ve made up my mind to make my suicidal Tuesdays this fall even more suicidal (suicidaller).  Smack dab in the middle of my nine hours of regular school classes (oh yes), I will be taking the beginner bellydancing class again.  My theory is that, by taking an hour in there to shake my booty and groove my thing, I will be reconnecting with my body and revitalizing my brain right at a crucial time during hours of sitting on my butt in class.  Solid theory… ?  Yeah, I hope.  That, or I’ll be dead by Marina’s class.  Would it be terrible rude, do you think, to keel over in class?


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I was totally minding my own business and my button fell off (right in the vital boob-zone) and it would’ve been disaster is SOMEONE hadn’t suggested I carry a sewing kit around in the emergency prep kit that is my bag and now I am modestly reclothed like the good fake Amish thing I am and it’s all thanks to you YAY!

(I’m totally on break now so updating at work is kosher.)

In other news, yesterday at bellydancing we played with the veils and I’m tots buying a huge piece of silk on my day off tomorrow and running around with it at the worst possible moments in life/the parade, maybe?

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