Gymnastics Adventures

My best fitness-adventure this week has been adult beginners gymnastics.  Crazy-great surprise!  I showed up wearing jewellery and lululemon, expecting some low-key spinning or whatever.  Holy crap!  The warm-up had some of the line exercises we did in grappling, and the fucking inchworm.  Then we did a circuit, sixty seconds each of intense exercises that in this case were kind of gymnastic-y.  Then we got to the gymnastics.  I was the only complete beginner, so my degree of spinning around the bars was significantly more spastic and immediately-falling-off than  everyone else’s.  And my various jumps on the trampoline were the sloppiest and contained the most giggling.

I also had a llama adventure.  This is an adventure where you go to a children’s petting zoo and let a llama bite your face, because the part of your brain that is supposed to prevent this is overcome with the part of your brain that screams “Llama-llama!  Llama-kins!”  Of course, it was a petting zoo, so it was a llama love-bite, not a llama tetanus-shot-bite.  And it was also the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me ever, so there’s that.



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4 responses to “Gymnastics Adventures

  1. ericapenton

    You are the coolest person I know.

  2. I love the idea of gymnastics – it’s like incorporating stretching and strength into the same kinda thing, no? I personally need to stretch more, I feel like at the rate I’m going in the gym, I’ll be a couple cms shorter in 6 months 😦

    • Gymnastics is really fun. I’m surprised by how strenuous it is! The trampoline is really tiring. For stretching, I find going to yoga really helpful. We do so many different kinds of stretches, I wind up finding a few I like, and then I can incorporate those into my workout routine. And I copy other people and the gym, that always helps 😉

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