Ridiculous Acts of Gym-Hitting

Oh man, I actually tried going to the gym tonight, since I have been a complete slug for far too long.  I’m not getting paid for this, but the ladies at Snap Fitness in North Battleford are very nice about showing me ways to use those machines that I don’t understand.  I was wandering over to them and being, all, “I’m bored of my abs.  I want my bum to look good, now.”  And the lady would show me the cute-bum machine, and I would be incapable of operating it without further instruction because I am the stupidest person you know.  While I was failing at the treadmill, some guy was watching me, while being on the treadmill, and I wanted to yell at him for staring at me being stupid instead of helping.  But watching me fail is generally hilarious, so I can hardly blame him.

I finally managed to find that yoga class.  So happy!  There’s a proper hot yoga studio in North Battleford, this place is great!  This wasn’t even actually hot yoga, but they cranked the hotness anyway, because they rule and this place is stupidly cold.  (Actually, the cold snap is over, and Saskatchewan is now at a balmy -12.  I am not being sarcastic, I am genuinely excited.)

I hit up a judo class.  So different from Halifax!  There were about 20 kids and maybe 5 adults.  I’ll have to get used to martial arts being a bit different.  Judo’s really cool!  I learned some new stuff that was stuff I already knew, but differently.  For example, breakfalls.  Just doing them slightly differently suddenly makes me a dumbass amateur again.  In judo they really fling you around for the breakfalls, which is fun and different.  I was partnered with a ten-year-old girl, and I learned that ten-year-old girls can flip motherfuckers with the best of them.  (In this scenario, I am the motherfucker.)



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4 responses to “Ridiculous Acts of Gym-Hitting

  1. Do you have to travel far to get to your gym? Luckily, mine is a 10 or so minute walk. Yes, I realize that is awesome.

    And, how exactly were you failing at the treadmill? haha

    • I drive to the gym. Because I suck and it’s cold. I think it’s probably about a fifteen minute walk, though. And the treadmill had a lot of buttons I didn’t understand, particularly that changing the speed manually required hitting ‘enter’, so I was yelling at the machine for going too slow and not doing what I told it too.

  2. Judy

    Glad to hear you’re doing well, Shannon! How did the Taekwondo class pan out?

    • Haha, I got distracted and neglected to post the blog link to the email list. I will rectify this! I haven’t made it to Taekwondo yet, but I have an adult beginner’s gymnastics tonight.

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