North Battleford Living!

I’ve been having some pretty crazy times recently.  Being the kind of person I am, I moved across the country, from Halifax to Saskatchewan, for a job!  And now that I’m here, I’m closer than ever to figuring out what that job is!  Haha, but seriously, I’m having fun meeting everyone in my office and working out what projects I’ll be heading up.  I moved to the town of North Battleford, which is small compared to everything else I’m used to.  Also, I’ve never been to the Prairies, and holyfuckinggod when people said cold they meant it.  I live like a two minute walk from work and that length is kind of killing me.  I bought hardcore winter clothes and my face goes numb!  But my pride stops me from driving.

I bought my first car, so exciting.  Ya’ll don’t know this about me, but my ability to get lost is pretty fabulous.  And with a car, it increases exponentially!  I tried going to yoga, and I wound up on the highway.  I got one town over, explored that for a while.  The point is, my attempts at working out have been stymied by the ridiculous cold and my own stupidity.  Much like a bear, I’m compelled to stay inside and eat my roommate’s fudge, developing a layer of insulating fat.

Cool thing about my town.  It has a Danish Bakery, and a Scandinavian Bakery.  I had to do some delicious, cream-based investigation, to see how different these bakeries were.  There are lots of cool things about my new town, but I don’t really care about the rest.  I just want another cream puff.  I’m finally hitting the gym tomorrow, this is very important.  I actually got sincerely injured in that grappling tournament two months ago (my pec muscle), and with moving and all this craziness I haven’t worked out at all since then.  I am going to completely embarrass myself!  Yes!


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4 responses to “North Battleford Living!

  1. Kathleen

    More cream puffs = more protein = better workouts……just keep telling yourself that.

  2. Hey! How did plugging in the car work out? And were you really really nervous when you competed in bjj? I’m going to do one at the end of April and I feel like there will be noooo way I could possibly be ready! :S

  3. Oh man, good luck in the tournament! I’ve competed twice, and I’ve always gone in nervous but just telling myself, like, “Forget about winning and losing.” At least half of the people at the tournament are going to lose at least once, mathematically, so no one’s going to think badly of you if you lose. And you’ll forget half of what you know once you get in there, and everyone else does, too. It’s like rolling with a bit more of an audience. Yes, I like that one. I mean, points are important, but for your first match I wouldn’t really worry about those, just remember to fighting the way you would during rolling.
    But, yes, I was totally nervous before my first competition 😉 I was looking up armbars beforehand like I was cramming for a test. It’s the fun kind of nervous, like whenever you try something worth doing.

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