Whatever Links: I Need to do this More Often!

Holy crap, apparently I need to be doing these linkspams, like, way more often.  It has been almost three weeks.  I learn from my mistakes!

What is Totalitarian Art? Seriously cool essay.  It argues that the art created under the regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Saddam can be seen as belonging to the same movement (spoiler alert: it’s a really crappy movement).  It’s art that’s meant to further a political agenda, and created under tightly controlled conditions.

Poetic Connections in Finding a Reader Irresistible: Someone is on Craigslist, writing “missed connections” poetry to beautiful people they saw reading books in public.  This is the greatest idea ever, and everyone should do it.

Facebook Reuniting Tornado Victims with Memories: There’s a Facebook page where people put up pictures of documents they’ve found scattered by tornado winds.  Valentines, ultrasounds, love letters, old photos.  My favourite quote of the article is: “It’s raining pictures.”

AntiGravity Yoga: Yoga done upside-down in a silk hammock.  I want to do this so bad, it almost hurts.

Jersey Shore Gone “Wilde” This is the most hilarious thing ever, and I could quote it all day.  Oscar Wilde actors re-enact lines from Jersey Shore.  Just… just click this link, or you blow dick for Skittles.

Storyteller-in-Residence: Cape Breton Regional Library is hiring a Storyteller in Residence, which is just awesome.

dismantling and reassembling a jeep in under 4 min: The title pretty much says it all.  A team of army engineers take apart a jeep and put it back together, on the street with people watching, then they drive away and people clap.  Cutest detail is the Pride flag attached to the jeep, because Canada is cool.

It’s a Small World After All: A slideshow of historical aerial of photos of Earth.  The first aerial photos had to be developed in a darkroom in the hot air balloon they were taken in, holy crap.  When scientists finally got a photo of the Earth from space, they were so excited they jumped up and down like kids.  Also, there is a photo of carrier pigeons wearing adorable camera backpacks.

Tweet Insurance Coverage in the Works: To start, it’ll just be for companies that lose money because of poorly-thought-out tweets, a la Kenneth Cole, but in a few years we can all get covered!  Let the drunk-tweeting begin!

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish: I’m skeptical that this picture is real, but it is completely awesome, and in the end, that’s the reality I choose.

25 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names: I love all of these, but “desire path” is my favourite because I love those things and never knew they had a name.  However, pet peeve, I hate when things assume I don’t know something.  That link should have a “probably” in the title, at least.  I did know a few of those, list-writer.

Wanderlust: Maps of famous voyages throughout history, historical and literary.  This definitely gets my imagination going, I have to say.  We have Jack Kerouac, Tran-Siberian Railway, Around the World in 80 Days.

What Travelers Can Learn from War Zone Reporters: There is a book called “How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone”.  Considering the quality of my life decisions, I should own this book.

Listening to Rap for the First Time, with a Book Critic: A book critic reads rap as poetry, then listens to the songs for the first time.  Very cool, and lead to me paying attention to rap in a way I never had before.

Future Olympics: A Reusable, Floating Venue: A scientist has the idea that we can build floating islands with customizable nodes, and float them around from city to city for the Olympics.  Why is every problem on Earth best solved with a floating island?  I love everything.

This is Your Brain on Shakespeare: MRI’s of brains when you hear a adjective used as a verb, or a pronoun as a noun.  It’s a study of how poetry keeps your brain stimulated in unique ways.

Vladimir Nabokov’s Drawing’s of Butterflies: Nabokov was a huge butterfly enthusiast, and said the best form of immortality was to have a butterfly named after you.  This is a collection of his personal doodles of butterflies, often addressed to loved ones.  The best are the ones to his wife.



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  1. Kathleen

    I see you have found BigThink. If you haven’t already, you should check out this blog: http://bigthink.com/blogs/dollars-and-sex .

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