Whatever Links: What I done read

Here’s my latest experiment in things to do.  Linkspam!  This is everything I’ve posted to my Facebook in the past two weeks, and it’s all completely stupid.  I wanted the people not on my Facebook to suffer equally.

Alyson Provax: Read all her “time wasting experiments”.  I felt smug and amused for the first few, then was suddenly punched in the stomach by the terrible feeling that the author knew me.  Uh, good times.

Recycled Island to be Built from Ocean Garbage Patch: Oh my god, so excited, I want to live there and ride a t-rex to work every morning.

Dear Athenian Mercury: Questions and Answers from the First Advice Column in English: I am a complete Dear Abby junkie, so this was a special pleasure to find.  Advice column from 1691.  People ask questions like “Why is horse poop rectangular?” and “Why do sleeping people pee if you put their hand in water?”  Also, a story about a Japanese lady who farted then bit off her own nipple in suicidal shame, and why we shouldn’t be like her.  This demonstrates that the human race was nuts long before Google.

asians in the library of the world: a persona poem in the voice of alexandra wallace: This is probably old news by now, but this is a response to a lady being racist on the internet.  Anyway, I think it’s quite a beautifully done response.

Justice Sometimes Needs a Break: Holy crap, judges are 65% more likely to give a prisoner parole if they’ve just had a snack break.

How do I do a Background Check on my Doctor?: Short answer: in Canada, you can get in touch with the province’s college of physicians and surgeons.

Achieving a Trance State with Madison Smartt Bell: Novelist talks about getting possessed in Haiti, and how that drives his writing.  I’m not saying I believe it, I’m just saying it’s damn cool to read.  Gives recommendations for trance-inducing music, none of which I’ve heard of.

Robots on the Farm: Farming robots!  Seriously, they’re figuring out how to make the robots smart enough to tell an apple’s an apple from any angle, or if it can only see a little bit of it, and getting it to grasp properly.  All very cool.  I’m insisting on robots dressed up like stereotypical farmers, that’s all I care about.

Clinic Touts Smoking as Cancer Cure: I never imagined it would be so easy!

The “Nonplussed” Problem: How Long Should we Cling to a Word’s Original Meaning?: I’m a bit of a descriptivist, yes.  I love me some evolving word meanings.  This articles has an algorithm, so it’s not all about moving only and forever forward.  Yes, a semantics article, with an algorithm.  I’m scintillating.


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