In which Shannon gets punched in the head for, like, five minutes

Oh man, sparring with headgear is sweet.  I can’t actually get hit with full power, because there are limits and all that, but I still got to get hit in the head.  A few more rounds of this, and I will figure out this whole ‘dodging’ thing that the kids are raving about.  Or forget third grade.  One of these.  For the last sparring round, we traded on defense and offense, meaning first Judy could only strike me, and I could only defend, for five minutes, then we switched and I could only strike Judy, and she could only defend.  Taking away the ability to strike made us really work on our defense, which was the purpose of the exercise.  Having headgear on, it basically lead to me running around while getting hit in the face for five minutes.  But I learned!  Being on offense was stupidly fun, though, because I could throw the really impractical, like, spinning back kicks that telegraph from a mile off and there was nothing Judy could do but dodge and be exasperated.

Oh yeah, on Thursday we learned spinning back kicks, like Chuck Norris does in those movies I never actually watch.  I feel very cool while doing them, but can’t actually remember them five minutes later and also at this point would probably get stabbed several times while setting them up.  By which I mean, while sparring, my partner would have time to leave, buy a knife, probably haggle with the knife salesman, come back, and stab me three-ish times.  Of course, it’s only a matter of practice, I will get faster and better the more I do them.  But it feels so far off!

Grappling today!  I requested that we learn sweeps (like, flipping your opponent), and boy howdy, did we sweep!  We were doing some tripod sweeps and using the momentum of our falling partner to propel ourselves up on top of them.  Being the bouncy little lunatic I am, I was somehow rocketing, like, right over Jodie’s head like a bullet, way into the beyond.  Near as I could figure, my strategy here is to land in the next match over and beat both of fighters using the element of surprise.

Kristian at the club was asking me exactly how cold it has to get for me to wear long work-out pants, as opposed to my knee-lengths.  I was being evasive about it, and finally he was just, like, “You just like people seeing your pretty boots, don’t you?”  Ding-ding-ding!  It is true, I will suffer a lot of cold just so I can show off my sexy boots.  $4.50 at Frenchy’s!

In things that have nothing to do with fighting, I did my annual volunteering at the LiveArt fundraiser last night.  I’m always up for a free dance/comedy show.  This is the great thing about volunteering.  Coat check is a relatively easy task, and then I get to watch an awesome show for free.  But coat check can be hard in some ways, because some people have fabulous coats that I covet so hard.  And then they want them back, but already I’ve become emotionally attached.  I’m all, “Have you seen my coat?  It’s sensible and functional.  I might as well wear a Stalinist boot factory.  You take it, I’ll keep your furry thing with the buttons.”



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  1. Kathleen

    Wow – look at the snazzy new layout! And an RSS feed, nice.

    • Yeah, I finally figured out that RSS feed thing. And a pretty layout! I should figure out how to design my own, but it would probably just look like death.

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