Snowed in!

I had an excellent Sunday.  No grappling because of the tournament (which actually wound up getting entirely cancelled for everyone six hours before it started because the guy running it is the sketchiest sketch to ever sketch), no work because I got my shift covered.  It was my first Sunday off in ages.  I celebrated by doing what you apparently should do on the Lord’s Day, which is goddamned nothing.  Nothing but profanity, because I’m sure Jesus is cool with that.

I missed more kickboxing this week (terrible girl!) but I finally got back tonight, yay!  I got my new gear!  I ordered shin guards and head gear (not exactly like the links, but same brand and close enough).  Gerald got me the head gear with a ponytail holder, which is completely adorable.  Kristian made the comment, “Now you can get hit in the head” and I was all, “I know, yay” and then suddenly, “Oh wait, crap.”  So now people can hit me in the head during sparring.  It will make me less lazy about dodging, anyway (when I get tired, I tend to just let people hit me).  The shin guards mean I can get kicked in the legs, which is less of a thing.

I spent the better part of this week snowed in at Michael’s place in the country, but I didn’t miss too much because everyone else was snowed in, too.  Success!  I did absolutely nothing constructive.  Oh wait!  I helped shovel a driveway.  Constructive things = 1.  Go me.  It was pretty big for me!  I live in an apartment, shoveling driveways has become a pretty foreign concept to me!  Other than that, it was a lot of rough living, trapped under the piles of snow.  All that foie gras and wine, the mountain of chocolate, really difficult circumstances all around.  But really, we didn’t lose power at all out in the rurality, and when I got back I found all my clocks flashing, so I’m guessing Halifax did.

(I thought I made up the word ‘rurality’, but it appears 1,620,000 on Google, so I guess I lose the word game this round.)

Now I’m going through my RSS feed, which has been building up for quite a while.  If you notice a crazy number of links posted to my Facebook, it’s because I’m only finding them now!  And they’re still cool three days later, dammit!  Probably still relevant, what do I know?



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3 responses to “Snowed in!

  1. Katherine

    Now I wat, drumming my fingers incessantly, waiting for my email update.

  2. Foie Gras, Wine and Chocolate? What’s he after??

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