Split Lip!

Another long space between updates!  Bad me!  I punished myself by smacking my face on Cynthia’s knee today.  Well, we’ll say that’s the reason, otherwise it’s clear I was just being a klutz…  Anyway, I managed to make myself bleed for the first time, which is exciting.  Only a little, though!  It really just looks like a badly chapped lip, which is not even badass at all.  And it wasn’t even inflicted on me, just me doing a one-leg takedown really stupidly.  During rolling, I also managed to get Jodie to throw me directly on my head at one point.  Things are getting intense!

Oh, I have a fighting style in grappling, apparently.  I am very persistent, and that is very annoying to my opponents.  This has been mentioned repeatedly (in a good way).  If you’re keeping track, fightin’ Shannon = frigid, twitchy, persistent (and somehow this is good).

Kickboxing yesterday was, after the first 45 minutes of fitness, all sparring.  Also very intense!  I am profoundly bruised, but only in the most satisfying ways.  Gerald was giving a talk to the beginners about the importance of headgear, and mentioned “When Shannon and Laura start competing…”  So apparently I’m going to start competing at some point.  He knows I’m competing in grappling next week, so maybe he figured, damn, give kickboxing its due.  He mentioned later that, when he first met me, he never imagined that I would wind up being his fourth ninja.  The point is, I need me some headgear, for protecting my brain-muscle.

After kickboxing, Donut Party!  I ate all the donuts in the entire world.  I also skipped two kickboxing classes this week and dance class for various social-life reasons, because I am such a goddamned social butterfly or whatever, so eating twelve thousand donuts could be in no way justified.  But freshly home-made donuts from Mary’s kitchen need no justification, only my gaping maw, that’s where they’re happy.

I was on snack-duty for Reading Practices class, and I decided to be the healthy snacks lady, which wound up being a bunch of apples, because I am uncreative and apples rule.  I assumed they would be ignored by everyone in favour of the cookies and cake, but I underestimated the hunger of starving grad students.  I always do that!



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6 responses to “Split Lip!

  1. Brain muscle? We are meant to worry about your Brain Muscles?

  2. Sophie D

    I ate one of those apples.

  3. Kathleen

    Alcoholic plum cake would also be awesome……I’m still sad you took that off your site.

    • I’m so sorry! The ever-evolving nature of my sub-title is so difficult! I will try to find a way to re-insert alcoholic plum cake, somewhere. Perhaps the profile…

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