New Dance Thing!

I went to a new Monique dance class today!  Bollywood fusion!  I was planning to do Bellydance level 2, but Bollywood is so fun I may just do that instead.  Plus, it’s a workout/dance class, so apparently it’s like Zumba, if I ever were to figure out what Zumba is.  Anyway, there’s this one move where you essentially do Goddess Pose from yoga, but then you jump thirty times while sticking out your tongue and opening your eyes as wide as possible.  Imitating the goddess Kali, who I am so all about, you don’t even know.  I have comparatively fewer limbs and severed heads, but the big rack is there.  There are also moves that are all elegant and what-have-you, if that’s what you’re into.  At the start of class, we have to stretch our fingers, because we do all sorts of finger things called, like, lotus and peacock.  Then we speed it up like crazy and put it to Jai Ho.  Oh, I will enjoy being terrible at this.

First class of the last semester yesterday!  Yay!  I’ve already done some actual homework and everything.  Oh, I’m so adorably energetic when classes start.  I had to restrain myself from barrelling like a linebacker to the signup sheet for group presentations.  I don’t care what I’m presenting on, I just want to go first, goddammit.  Of course, I am still going first.  People hate going first, I really had no competition.

OK, this is weird, but does this ever happen to you, Internet?  This morning, my radio had spontaneously changed stations on me!  I always keep my clock radio (every radio, really) on CBC Radio 2, and this morning when my alarm went off it was two stations over, at some top-40 station.  I don’t know the name of it, because I don’t know any of the other stations, on account of the aforementioned only-one-channelling I do (I can verb anything, because I am a word wizard).  It was an unnerving way to wake up, anyway.  I always wake up to the last two seconds of Bob Mackowycz talking, then the little musical intro to the news, and if I don’t have to actually get up that day, I can stay in bed and listen to said news.  This morning, some guy was talking, about things, and then music was playing.  It was like a nightmare!  I seriously assumed I was still sleeping.



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2 responses to “New Dance Thing!

  1. Katherine

    I remember the Kali thing. So weird!

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