Sunday had the first grappling class of 2011.  The warm-up included a rousing game of leap-frog!  Of course, as a warm-up, it was very athletic leap-frog with fully grown ladies and all, but still, so awesome.  I have not played that game since I was ten.  This led to a discussion on the psychology of jumping.  Apparently, as some people get older and stop with the schoolyard games, they totally stop jumping, and then get completely afraid of jumping.  So, my advice to anyone suffering from this, start jumping now!  Build up your jumping immunity!  Start with a hop, next month a skip, and before you know it: a jump!  We’ll meet back here in 2012 and play leap-frog!

Angela and I rolled some more, and awesome things happened that I would tell you about but it wouldn’t make too much sense because it’d all be in fight-ese.  Needless to say, we were both amazing, and I tapped her out again.  And then she said those three little words… “You should compete.”  Dear God, this will only lead to terrifying places, won’t it?

Classes are starting soon.  I got into Reading and Reading Practices!  I get to learn about book clubs!  Also, I have to pick another class to drop, which is like choosing which of my children to abandon at the zoo.  (Answer: make it a race.  My car seats five, and that is a sacred trust.  If you liked being in this family, Timmy, you would’ve run faster.)

So… that last paragraph went somewhere weird.  Let it be known, I have neither children, nor a car.  Anyway, with classes and work restarting, pretty soon this blog will be about things again, rather than me muttering inanities which entertain only myself and, if that last paragraph is any indication, will lead to my well-earned ostracism from class and society.  I should sign off before I cause any more damage.


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