Bruises for Christmas!

With my lax December training, all my bruises have been fading.  But I got some good ones today in grappling!  Oh man, was grappling sweet.  We did The Thirties, which, if you don’t memorize every word of this blog (WHY DON’T YOU?), is, all totaled, ninety burpees, ninety sit-ups, ninety squats, and ninety push-ups.  Oh man, it’s been so long since I did that.  Now I will feel justified in everything I eat for the next two weeks.

But the best part was the rolling!  I rolled with Angela, and I got two, two, legitimate tap-outs, and our third fight timed out.  I didn’t get to start in the easy position, I didn’t get any special advantages, nothing!  My first win was with an Americana arm bar, which means, like, breaking-your-elbow move, and my second with a Rear Naked Choke, which is, well, a choking move, from behind, I have no idea why the ‘naked’ is in there, I’ve asked.  Anyway, I’m just giddy.  Grappling is harder in some ways than kickboxing, because the moves are so intricate.  Kickboxing is, like, Hit him in the face, kick him in the stomach, repeat as necessary.  Grappling is, Get your legs around her right shoulder and neck, hold her head down, hook your left foot under your right knee, point your toes up, pop your hips up, and squeeze your thighs.  And I have simplified this.  Incidentally, I just described the Triangle, one of my all-time favourite moves.  It is a choke, and God help you if you forget to point your toes up.

Another fun thing from rolling, Angela complimented my heaviness.  We spend a lot of time practicing being a heavy as possible on top of each other, which is so counter-intuitive for women, but important in rolling.  Anyway, I like it as a compliment, “You were so heavy!  Good job!”  Last week, Natasha and I were practicing heaviness, and from the bottom being, like, “Heavier, heavier, I know you can do it!”

Do I have anything to talk about that isn’t grappling-related?  I went shopping for my very few non-baked goods gifts.  I had a committee meeting in the Superstore, because Dana and I are the whole of a committee and we can have meetings wherever we freaking well meet.  Uh, the juxtaposition of those sentences makes it sound like I got my gifts at the Superstore.  I did not.  I got my soy sauce at the Superstore.


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