Sushi Yummy

Just went out for sushi with Kathleen.  I successfully used chopsticks… depending on how loosely you define “successfully”.  I did not ask for a fork, which is, in my mind, a successful bout with chopsticks.  Stabbing in vain at the rice, crying in frustration, and finally eating it with my fingers is like success, right?  You’d be surprised how classy I can look while eating rice with my fingers… in my imagination KATHLEEN DO NOT RUIN THIS FOR ME.

Over lunch, we discuessed the idea of a $250 gift certificate to the liquor store.  I think I would go in planning to get, like, one really amazing bottle of wine, then come out with 25 $10 bottles of wine.  I would build a wine cellar, and take guests on a tour, and they’d be all impressed until they noticed it was filled with, like, Yellow Tail and Gallo Brothers.  Also, that my wine cellar is under my bed.  But then we’d get drunk on cheap wine under my bed and everything would be lovely.

Went out for drinks last night with numerous classmates for a “Semester is Finished” celebration.  Naomi and I came up with a plan for if I ever have a baby.  I’m going to abandon it at the mall, and it’ll be raised by the janitors and the staff at the Orange Julius stand.  And eventually my family will wonder why I never get them Christmas presents any more, and its because I can’t go back to the mall, because my baby lives there.  Anyway, we hit that point where we couldn’t stop laughing, but when we tried to explain the joke to other people they were just, like, That’s kind of funny.  So I’m memorializing it here, for you, Internet.

I did two presentations on Tuesday, which involved a lot of random analogies, like, “The search for the right collection management software is like the search for true love” and “So, if a tree falls in a forest, you know… can a robot really have knowledge?”

Wednesday was dedicated to sleeping in, window shopping downtown, and showing up to work and being told I could go home.  If I wanted to.  Um, yes please?  This is what lead to my being able to hang out with the classmates.  I’m still working on the weekend, so this was just a surprise day off.

This evening, I will go network with librarians and present myself as proper librarian material.  I need to make myself some stupid business cards.  Well, ideally, actually some intelligent business cards.  Not clever business cards, though; that’s too risky.  Staid, serious business cards, for my staid, serious business persona.  I’m frowning all serious-like as I write this.



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4 responses to “Sushi Yummy

  1. Katherine

    You need to consider adding a math course to your schedule next semester if you think you can get 250 $10 bottles of wine for $250. ;P

  2. Kathleen

    Shannon you are the definition of class with your finger-eating, and wine-drinking straight out of the bottle.

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