My one kickboxing class of the week last night.  We did something called the century circuit, which is 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, 100 kicks, and 200 punches.  Possibly some other things, too, the part of my brain that processes “remembering stuff” tends to shut down during these things.  Then we got down to technical fun things, like hitting each other.

After that, SIM Christmas party!  In retrospect, there wasn’t much particularly Christmas-y about it, but the party aspect was really what drew me more.  Also, the free food part.  I ran there straight after kickboxing, so I was still sweaty (not even all my sweat, since we were practicing grabbing heads, aka clinches), and I had my huge duffel bag with my gym clothes and gloves inside.  I was showing them off to folks!  The gloves, I mean, not the gross gym clothes.

I discovered last night that I’m, like, the only kickboxer at the club who’s never watched a UFC match.  This will have to be fixed soon, I guess, but it’s hard to work up the interest.  I’ve been invited to watch with some of the Dal students from the club, which sounds like the best way to do it.  They also want to watch Twilight and do a shot and twenty pushups every time a vampire sparkles.  This feels to me like the only way to watch Twilight!

I spent almost the whole day inside writing my final paper for Knowledge Management.  After it stopped raining, I walked to the grocery store just to get out and move, rather than any particular need for groceries.  Chocolate was the inevitable result.

Oh yeah, as the result of the paper I just wrote, I learnt a whole bunch of crap about robots, so be prepared for me to come running up and start conversations with “HOLY CRAP DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ROBOTS?!” and you’ll be all “I AM IN THE BATHROOM” and I’ll be all “… ROBOTS!”

Another party tomorrow!  Also, more homework!  I will rock that Systems presentation, I will rock its face right off!


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