Men are all like this and women are all like this…

A discussion the other day on the nature of men and women compared to punctuation.  Women, you see, are shaped more like question marks, but act more like exclamation points.  Men are shaped more like exclamation points, but act more like question marks.  I’m like a stand-up comedian from the eighties, but one who talks about punctiation, so a stand-up comedian who gets smacked with a liquor bottle by a heckler.  My point is, I love interrobangs: ‽  Johnny suggested I go around looking like a question mark and smacking shit up like an exclamation point.

Studying for the Systems test in the common room yesterday.  Everyone was looking over definitions from the textbook, and I took the opportunity to wax poetic about pixilated and betweenity (it means indecision!).  I… I was probably not being helpful.

Man, I’m already jonesing for my Thursday/Saturday kickboxing, and it’s only Wednesday.  December is going to be rough~

I had my last LiveHelp shift on Monday!  This is internet chatting reference librarianing, for those who don’t know.  There’s a lot of people telling me “the thing isn’t working”, and I ask what, and they’re like, “I can’t find the box my prof told me about” and I just… and that’s pretty much it.  I actually solve these problems a lot of the time, which is amazing.


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