Caught me yellow-handed!

Yesterday was the last day of Dal kickboxing (though I’m still going to the club all through December).  We had a little graduation thing for everyone getting new handwrappers, and I got my yellows!   Yay!  Yellow is, like, the first colour you can get that actually means anything, but still, I’m happy.

We did these crazy ab workouts that I won’t bother describing, but trust me, I am in pain today.  It takes a lot to make abs hurt, too, so this is pretty exciting/excruciating.

We’re practically in the last week of classes!  Whoo!  The homework is bearing down on me like some kind of… bear… riding a shark… strapped to a train… on a comet.  And the comet is made out of nuclear disasters.  Actually, I’m probably fine, and gearing up for all the Christmas parties that are happening soon.  (And desperately finishing homework.)

Anyway, must get back to that bear-shark-train-comet-nuclear-disaster that is my homework.  After my last post, I wanted to change the subtitle of this blog to Pixilated Interrobang, because their my two favourite words and they sum me up pretty well (a slightly drunk, excited question).  But now I think bear-shark-train-comet-nuclear-disaster sounds pretty appealing.  Why must everything thought I think be pure, solid gold?  Such a fardels I labor under!  What?  Oh yeah, homework.  Also, I’m at actual work.  Away I go!


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