Disaster-Free Sunday

So, Sunday with no internet on the reference desk was completely boring and disaster-free.  Basically no one came, and I sat quietly at the desk and read some boring articles I’d printed off at home (the printers didn’t work, either).

I crafternooned the other afternoon, crafting Christmas ornaments that even particularly talentless children would be ashamed of.  I’m still giving them away as gifts, though, because the part of my brain that feels shame is apparently broken, or it will be once I make some more boozey hot chocolate.  My favourite is googly-eyed pinecone baby Jesus.  I’m still finding glitter on myself, which is exciting, because glitter rocks!

I’m going to go up a grade in kickboxing, meaning I’ll get my yellow handwrappers!  It’s like getting a yellow belt in karate, if you’re at all familiar with that.  It’s still really lame, is what I’m saying, but I’m kind of excited anyway, not least of all because my white handwrappers are too short, and sort of falling apart, and all stained black from doing pushups in that parkade that time.

Last week I went four days without working out, and I got incredibly cranky by the end of it.  Withdrawal!  I really am an addict!  I sort of wonder, though, maybe I was always that cranky before, and I just noticed it suddenly because it’s been so long?  Anyway, I was basically jonesing for kickboxing.

Oh, I learnt that I should get a cup.  Like, what guys get, for their balls.  And girls don’t have balls, but we need to wear cups, too.  I forgot to ask if there are specialized girl cups, which I assume there must be.  Very different shapes happening.  The SportChek website isn’t really helping.  I’ll report back on this mystery.



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2 responses to “Disaster-Free Sunday

  1. Jessie

    There ARE girl cups! I know this from playing ringette as a youngster… I believe it is called a “jill”. I have no idea where to get one though, I think mine was a hand-me-down (ew in retrospect!)

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