Dispatches from the Reference Desk

Time for my traditional reference desk update.  Nothing new in my life.  Done!

Ah, but for reals… Next ref shift will be on Sunday, which will be the day that SMU people-not-connected-to-me have decided to spend the whole day with all the internet and databases and every computer-related-thing shut down for upgrades.  So there will be no traditional update from me, but I will be communicating via telegraph something along the lines of STUDENTS HAVE REVOLTED STOP I HAVE CONSTRUCTED A ROUGH BARRICADE OF COMPUTERS AND MUD STOP THERE IS NO GOD STOP

Three weeks until the end of term!  Whoo!  I’ve been really busy and even skipped bellydancing.  It’s even been so crazy I’m skipping my morning routine, alas!  Running up every flight of stairs I find has been my only physical activity of late.  I’m finding that all those signs telling people to be more physically active are doing a number on me.  Like, I probably don’t need to be more active now, I’m really doing fine in that department, but the sign on the bus is guilt-tripping me to walk more, and I’m thinking that I could walk more, but I have goddamned things to do, you judgemental bus sign, I can’t walk everywhere.  At some point this will really be some sort of illness.  Over-active-itis.

Thing I forgot from kickboxing: there are six different ways to throw an elbow!  And I remember none of them!  We were supposed to be doing all six in sequence, and I was just, like, what, so Kristian kept showing me and I was still just what.  We need these things on YouTube so I can do them at home during all that free time I don’t have.  Anyway, fun times.  One comes from above, which is pretty entertaining and I hope we incorporate more into the class, even though I still kind of suck at normal elbows.



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2 responses to “Dispatches from the Reference Desk

  1. Kathleen

    It’s called exercise addiction. I looked up this quiz for you to take: http://www.thedietchannel.com/Are-You-An-Exercise-Addict.htm , and while I was testing it out found out that I (who does no form of exercise) apparently am an exercise addict……….now that I know, I will continue to stay away from the gym, take public transit and elevators instead of walking, and increase my tv watching time. I’m just glad this was nipped in the bud before I suffered the devastating effects of ‘exercising because I felt I needed to, not because I wanted to’.

    • I’m glad you’ve faced your crippling addiction. I was going to hold an intervention for you, but I had kickboxing to get to, and it takes a long time because I was walking there.

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