So… much… pain…

OK, so I learnt what conditioning is, and I learnt that it sucks.  It’s a kickboxing thing.  Basically, you get your body accustomed to being in pain by putting it in terrible, terrible pain.  We basically spent an hour on Saturday smacking each others’ forearms as hard as possible, all in the name of pain acclimation.  I don’t even have awesome bruises to show for it!  They are teeny, pale bruises.  I have a feeling they may be the deep, slow-forming sort of bruises that will bloom, glorious yellow, in two days time (I have become a bruise connoisseur).

I skipped grappling today, because at 1am last night I suddenly realized I have two assignments due this week, not just one.  Whoops!  I’m currently theoretically working on cataloguing, because it’s time to figure what a main heading is do some good work really well!

I bought new workout pants yesterday.  They are not from Zellers, so hopefully will not completely suck.  Burpees are miserable enough without my pants constantly threatening to slide down my ass.  To test their stay-on-my-ass-ability, I was totally doing jumping jacks in the changing rooms, desperately praying that the saleslady wouldn’t hear and be all, like, “Ma’am, are you stroking out in there?”  My point is: SportsChek should make changing rooms big enough for burpees.

I thought of a really good public service announcement, which I feel should be shared with the world.  OK, so there’s a princess in a tower, all Rapunzel-like.  Then she comes out of the tower, and immediately falls on a penis.  Then the PSA says, “If you’ve had sex, get a Pap!”  Brilliant, right?


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