Frigid Fighter Friday!

So I went to the badass Friday night kickboxing at The Club (this club, if you’ve ever wondered what I’m talking about), and I will surely be in terrible pain tomorrow for regular kickboxing at Dal.  The workout portion focused on legs.  The “easiest” thing was to be in a squat, then go down on one knee, then the other knee, then up with one knee, then up with the other, returning to the squat.  Because this was easiest, Gerald made us do 50.  Apparently, there must always be 50 of something.  Sure it sucks for exercise, but I’ll definitely be applying this rule to candy and kisses.

I learnt a very cool thing.  Apparently, I am a “frigid fighter”, which means I move in a very twitchy way.  This is actually really good (Gerald was quick to point this out when I looked hurt), because it means it’s hard for my opponent to predict my moves.  Effin’ A!  (Probably explains why I’m such a shitty dancer, though.)  At the time, we were doing drills that involved getting kicked in the stomach, and I joked I was three months pregnant, because that’s how I roll.

This class was advertised as lasting an hour and a half, and I left after three hours.  Turns out, there’s a special bonus grappling class for anyone who feels like hanging out afterwards, and boy did I feel like further procrastinating on that cataloguing assignment grappling.  So I can surprise Courtney on Sunday with my new moves!  I got to practice falling, which is as graceful an art as you can imagine (IT’S NOT GRACEFUL, BUT I AM LESS LIKELY THAN EVER TO BREAK MY ARM).

Wow, it’s been almost a week since I updated.  Sorry, I was totally catching up on homework and “living life” like some sort of lamewad.  Except yesterday.  Yesterday was all “me time” (except for kickboxing, I figured veterans would be cool with kickboxing).

I finally watched Sophie’s Choice.  Wow, is that movie completely different from what I thought.  Way fewer Nazis, way more “Kevin Kline goes off his meds”.


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