An important offer

I am offering piggyback rides to people what wants ’em.  Think of me as a short-range rickshaw, but a rickshaw you’re not paying, and it gets bored eventually and just puts you down wherever.  This offer is not valid to creepy, creepy freaks.

I always get the best bruises from grappling!  Today I got a bunch of new weird bruises that seriously make me look like some kind of poxied freak, not even kidding.  All sorts of spots on my right bicep, some light brown, some bright blue, a few dark.  I may have picked up the Plague, is what I’m saying.  We also took a group photo at the end of class, and I debated brushing my hair, because should I be “coifed” or “authentic”?  I went with “authentic”, because I am also “lazy”.  Some guy was taking a bunch of pictures during rolling, so if photos arise of me choking a lady or getting choked, this is why.

Went to Tribeca with kickboxers last night.  Clubbing with kickboxers is ridiculously fun, because there is no fear of any trashy club people.  This drunk on the dance floor tried to get a bit handsy with me, and I totally wasn’t worried because I’m pretty badass on my own, but I knew if he got unfortunate I had a bunch of even more badass backup within about four feet.

Tammy and Laura were describing Friday nights at the martial arts club, which are basically bootcamp with kickboxing at the end, and sometimes even some grappling.  Everything I like!  I always hear about Friday because various kickboxers are always in pain on Saturday.  Anyway, Tammy asked why I don’t come to Friday nights, and I couldn’t think of any reason that I don’t, so I think we can all see where this ends!

Now I’m on the reference desk, and totally intending to do some homework, but also totally updating my blog so we can see how well that’s going.  I’m very sleepy, and my thighs are in fantastic pain from dancing in heels last night.  (Or from doing kicking drills yesterday afternoon, whatevs.)  I danced for like, two hours, then I stopped and was like, “That was gre-DEAR GOD MY LEGS!!”

Oh, I apparently have weirdly thin thighs.  I kept getting comments from people about my thin legs, and it turns out it’s my thighs, specifically, that are oddly thin.  I don’t know what to do with this information, but rock on, awesome thighs.  You are hard to show off in a skirt without me coming off like a whore, but I love you anyway.


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