SQL is the sound a piggy makes!

I’m working on my SQL assignment (Teradata is open, god damn you, it is like work), which seems as good a time as any for a blog update.

Awesome kickboxing day, today.  We did some bizarre series of exercises I won’t even try to recount, and Gerald revealed that if anyone ever throws up in class, he’ll treat that person to a meal, sort of to replace the nutrients.  Sounds fair!  I’ve only ever gotten as far as crying, which merely got me mad props.  He was also filming us, so I was hopefully pretty rad-to-the-extreme.

I totally got roundhouse kicked in the arm, like, 150 times.  That number is not a hyperbole.  My left arm already has a completely wicked bruise, and I’m sure by tomorrow it’ll be even more awesome.  We were learning what to do when someone roundhouse kicks you in the arm, natch.  Yeah, you just get in tight and punch.  Turns out, roundhouse kicks sort of suck because they don’t really stop your opponent, so it’s best to go with a front kick or a side kick, again, for those backalley knife fights I know you all go to without inviting me.  In other kicking news, I got to freestyle kick with my opponent all over the place, which was super fun, and I’m getting pretty adept at kicking dudes in the face.

Then the ballet class after us came and kicked us out.  I thought we should have a dance/fight off, because the camera was right there and everything, and there’s even a guy in both classes, so there’s your plot!

After class, I took a nap, and now my hair looks like an anime character’s.  Seriously, why do I even have bangs?  Fuck bangs, just fuck those guys, hanging aroung my face, not even pulling their own weight or anything, then suddenly actively trying to escape my head like my forehead is coated in napalm.

It’s almost 9, why hasn’t my piggy-SQL homework magically finished itself?


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