Turkey dinner! Also, you know, family and love and whatever

Went to Truro for some food and also family love (fooooood).  Ah, but I kid.  The nephews were great, but I’ll have to make peace with not getting a hug from the three-year-old until he’s, like, in grade six, I’m pretty sure.  He freaks out as he enters a house, and he freaks as he leaves a house, so that leaves this middle period for Non-Freaking Time.  And he’ll play with me, sure, but that involves pretending to shoot each other.  So, camaraderie, but no hugs.

Hung out with Grammie, who said she approves of my life.  I approve of her life, so this is officially aces.

My brother Matt takes Kenpo Karate, so we were trading martial arts stories and comparing types of punches and whatnot.  I made a joke I’m pretty proud of, which I’ll share with you.

  • Matt: The other day, I did a handstand and a reverse handstand.
  • Me: Isn’t a reverse handstand just standing normally, like I’m doing right now?
  • Matt: … I’m going to your club and kicking your ass.

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