TV Character Party was awesome!  I did indeed arrive as Pam from True Blood, but my clothes really weren’t glam enough (Pam is glam-er), so halfway through I decided I was Nan Flanagan from the same show.  Same fangs, more conservative blouses.  My fangs, incidentally, remained in my bag pretty much the whole night.  But they were available, if I needed them.  The far more important prop was the red wine with TruBlood written in permanent marker over the label.  Take that, Gallo Brothers.

After I sit down at a party, I usually avoid standing up again, because then you just never get your seat back.  I made the rookie mistake of sitting before I got a cup, so I was forced, forced (by circumstances), to drink my wine straight out of the bottle.  The important thing is: I still shared.  This means I am a classy lady.  Don’t let the British tabloids tell you different.

I’ve trained myself to wake up every morning at 7.  This is great if, say, the power goes out and I have work that morning.  Less great when I stumble home at 2am, fall into bed, and still wake up at, like, 6:30.  I even tried staying in bed to fall back to sleep.  Nothing!  God damn my disciplined nature.  Damn it straight to hell. In rebellion, I totally did not do my 75 morning sit-ups.  (A hangover and impending grappling may also have been involved in this decision.)

In kickboxing news: during the fitness portion, one of the beginners told me I was her hero because of all the pushups I was doing.  Me!  Four months ago, I could do, like, two pushups, on my knees, and now I’m impressing the new kids.  So I plugged the bootcamp, and Gerald called me his success story, and I think was only half-joking when he asked for before and after pictures.  Then I used my ninja-preparedness when that girl’s friend nicked her leg.  Band-aid and an alcohol swab, I’m the whole package!  Later on I kicked a bunch of stuff.

Grappling was so cool today, you don’t even know, except I’m about to tell you.  OK!  At the end of the class we did rolling!  Rolling (as it turns out) is sparring, only grappling calls it something different because grappling has to be cool like that.  Also, you roll around lot.  Anyway, so I did it!  It was pretty low key for me, because it was my first time, so I rolled with the instructor and she gave me tips at certain points, and let me start in the best position, but I made her tap out a couple times!  It was really cool, taking the moves I learnt on a cooperative partner and making a lame attempt at applying them on the fly to a moving opponent who’s fighting back.  Crazy fun!  It even made me forget my hangover!


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