Battered and Bruised!

You guys, I have so many bruises, it’s great!  One on my arm from grappling last week, and two new ones on my stomach from some shin last night in kickboxing, I don’t know.  Also, my right shin is all bruised, because I was Thai kicking the crap out of that joint, you don’t even know it (fine, my Thai kicks were middling at best, but I was doing them a lot, is my point).  Also, my feet are all sore from doing kicks in bare feet, which is what you have to do when you become, as Gerald put it, “One of us.”

We also practiced kicking people in the face, which is a very Zen experience.  Gerald kept telling us, “Don’t focus on the kick, focus on the leg.”  Eventually we figured that meant, “It’s not the journey, it’s the destination.”  Basically, it doesn’t matter if it’s a good kick, just get the motherfucker in the face.  It will surprise them!

Also, I showed off my biceps to Gerald, and I was like, “I guess I have some baby muscles now.”  And Gerald told me my biceps are definitely bigger than baby muscles.  He dubbed them Intermediate.  Badass!  You know… intermediate badass!

In other news, I went to those bra-fitting people on Spring Garden for help with my bra issues, and left with an atrociously expensive bra.  Turns out I’m an F-cup, which explains why an earlier trip to Lululemon was such an unmitigated disaster.  Oh well, now I have a totally cute proper bra that isn’t even a sports bra or anything, and all it cost was my first-born.  Anyway, I highly suggest that store (Lily’s), because they’re super-nice and will find proper bras for your boobs that actually make you not want to die inside.

I haven’t updated ya’ll on my reference desking, but I’m rocking the crap out of it.  Just keeping you posted.

Going to a TV Character Party as Pam from True Blood.  I was all het up to be Jayne from Firefly, but then I remembered my Jayne hat is back in Truro because Matt likes to borrow it, so I figured I could do I pretty good Pam.  I have the clothes, found some fangs, just need to roll my eyes a lot and I’ll have it down.  I think a bottle of cheap red wine upon which I’ve scrawled TruBlood in permanent marker might have to feature prominently as well.  I know I can get actually bottles of the stuff in Dartmouth, but those won’t get me drunk, now will they, Internet?


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