God, I should be doing homework

Kickboxing was awesome today.  I am officially on Gerald’s list of “people who must do extra lunges and whatnot” during the fitness portion, which is like graduating or something, I swear to god, so exciting.  I’m slowly getting better at holding the mitts for my partner, which is a bizarre new skill set.  Other new things learnt today: knees! elbows!  Thai kick!  It was a pretty quick runthrough, so not like any of it will stick or anything.  But still… elbows!  Eeeee!

I got my student loan, so I finally have some new workout clothes (don’t judge me!).  Anyway, they fit properly and I’m looking good, so that’s all very exciting.  I may soon be forced to buy a proper sports bra that doesn’t come from Zellers, though.  There’s something desperately unclassy about ending each punch-kick combo with a bra adjust.

It’s become clear that the cable company just plum forgot to cut my cable.  Bastards!  Why are they doing this to me?!  Now there’s some force of will involved in not watching TV.  I mean, I still won’t channel-surf (I watch a few things online, much cleaner), but it would be easier if I wasn’t watching because it wasn’t there.

I finally organized stuff into my agenda (I still have a spare lying around, if anyone wants it; it’s full of coupons~).  This is sort of like homework.  It’s the homework’s homework.  I am working my way up, people.

Yesterday I saw a crow chilling on the sidewalk and it let me get right up to it and didn’t back away and I figured I could probably touch it and it would let me but then I figured that any bird that just let me touch it was probably seriously messed up in some way and I would get sick too and pass it on to the human population so I fought my natural inclination to touch literally anything I find on the sidewalk to protect ALL OF YOU from the bird flu 2.0 so you are welcome.



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2 responses to “God, I should be doing homework

  1. Heidi

    Would it be weird if I was reading old posts of yours? And I don’t know you? You seem way cool though and remind me of my older sister so …. not as weird? Maybe? (I hope.)

    A. You’ve worked at AST? I live there (here)!
    B. The bird thing was RIDICULOUSLY funny.


    • Hey, I like reading my old posts sometimes, and I’m the one who wrote them. That’s probably weirder than a stranger reading them and having it be something new. Anyway, my ego definitely appreciates it! Thank you!

      AST is such a lovely place. Do you ever go into the library? It’s really quiet and relaxing, I liked working there. It pretty much just makes me want to nap all the time, which isn’t ideal for working, I guess.

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