I had my first kickboxing class of the year last night.  Whoo!  I was worried that Gerald might get me to go over with the beginner’s, because I did the beginner’s stuff a whole year ago, but he let me train with the advanced side (where all my bootcamp friends are).  Yay!  So instead of boring myself silly getting shown the difference between a cross and a jab, I got to really learn something new (switch kick!).  And all that stair training over the summer really made a difference in my kicks, too.  I was feelings totes badass.

Kickboxing went from 6-7, and there was a networking opportunity at Dal right at 7 that I figured I should go to as well.  Kickboxing is on campus, so I brought a dress and blazer in my bag and decided to run over right afterwards.  “It’s the first day,” I thought to myself. “Gerald will go easy on us.  Surely I won’t get that sweaty.”  It’s like I’ve never met Gerald or something.  So I went and networked while spectacularly sweaty.  I used it as an opening line.  “Sorry, I just ran here from kickboxing.  Oh, I grapple, too.  Bellydance, also.  Yes, I’m terribly fascinating, you should hire me to work for the government.”

Anyway, networking was fun.  I talked to the legendary cataloguer from the Mount about their lesbian pulp fiction collection and the case of the stolen first edition Origin of Species (which goes for $100,000).  Also, when I said I grappled a lady said it must be hard for a “tiny thing” like me, which is objectively untrue but it’s nice that I’m in that area where I can be described as such by a stranger.  Whoo!

Oh my god, you guys, I made THE BEST veggie chili.  I have no idea how, though, because I just throw all this crap into a crock pot, but some of the weirder stuff I put in was: brown rice, barley, chives, steak seasoning, basil, cocoa powder, chickpeas, garlic, salsa, canned beans in maple syrup… I can’t remember what else.  I’ve also lost track of what normally goes in chili, so maybe some of this is normal.  Anyway, it’s ridiculously delicious and I want it all the time.  Just put all the beans in your house into a crockpot with chili powder, and all the things on that list up there (except the brown rice, cook that separately and add it later).  Et voila!  Oh yeah, also put in hamburger if you want.  Oh!  And pepperoni is really good in chili if you eat meat!  Holy crap, trust me on this!

I was looking forward to walking around all day today and it is raining so I’ll be over here, cursing the heavens, if you’re looking for me.


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