Oh yeah!

Two things, one old, one new.

1. In Ottawa, I misheard a bar’s name in the most delightfully inappropriately way ever.  Are you ready?  The bar is Chez Lucien, I somehow heard Schindler’s Keg.  Tada!

2. I have a list of things I will do instead of tapping out when I’m getting choked:

  • Make a gagging sound like a baby.
  • Space out completely and turn purple.
  • Say, “Tap tap.”

Yes, I forgot what I was doing and got distracted, while being choked.  And I am a Master’s student.  I am a licensed driver.  I could go out an have a baby, and the doctor would let me keep it.  Christ!



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3 responses to “Oh yeah!

  1. Kathleen

    Schindler’s Keg is an awesome name for a bar. I think this is a sign that you should turn your information magagement degree into opening a bar. And name it Schindler’s Keg. It’s what God wants. (Also, you can then give me free beer).

  2. Sounds perfect! It could be, like, a bar/reference desk. Baked goods could also be involved. With free beer for Kathleen!

  3. Kathleen

    Let me know when it opens. I’ll start clearing my schedule.

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