Just a flip of the hip

So!  Grappling is really picking up!  I thought that it was going to be fairly low-key in terms of fitness, but it turns out Courtney (the instructor) was just trying not to scare the newbies away.  Today she made us do something innocuously called The Thirties, which sounds like it should involve dirt farming in the Depression, but is actually thirty burpees, thirty sit-ups, thirty squats, and thirty push-ups, repeat this three times.  It would be a lot more honest to call this thing The Nineties, is what I’m saying.

But then… then!  I finally learnt how to do an arm bar (I say finally in that first I heard this word a week ago and no one showed me how to do it until today, gawd).  An arm bar is when you grab a person’s arm and wrap your legs around their shoulder, essentially.

Also!  I finally have a move that might save me from a rapist!  Yay~!  It’s a flippy thing (I… I don’t know the terminology, yet).  Anyway, you get someone who is between your legs, and you flip them the crap over and suddenly you’re on top of them.  And I was totally doing it, actually pretty well.  I’ll have to practice a lot, and get heavier opponents, but the mechanics are all there.  So this is why you ladies should come on out to grappling with me.  Yes, you get covered in other people’s sweat and maybe touch more crotches than you’re comfortable with, but you learn skills that can be applied to those back-alley knife fights we all inevitably get into in the library profession (Dewey vs Library of Congress: the eternal struggle).

(Oh wait!  It’s called a sweep.  There’s the terminology: sweep.)

In other news entirely, I bought a super-cute new dress that, now that I’m at work in it, I can see is definitely way too short.  I’m having fun getting comfortable with short skirts, definitely, but I’m pretty sure this one is too short (for work, I mean, not a night on the town or whatever).  Whoops!  Oh well, at least I work behind a desk.

Yeah, I’m updating from the reference desk.  It’s pretty slow, so I don’t think it’s too terrible of me.  STOP JUDGING ME!

In other “stop judging me” news, it’s almost the end of my five-day weekend and I still haven’t done any of my homework, and in fact haven’t even figured out what any of my homework is.  That would entail, like, opening BLS and blahblahblah I’m already bored.  I loved from the various syllabi, a B- grade in class participation meant that your contributions to class discussions would have to actively detract said discussions.  Who wants to give that a shot?  Just once?  Or did I already manage that by agreeing with myself on the first day of Collections?  (Shannon… Day One… Failed)


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