The end of an era! (…of bootcamp)

We had our very last bootcamp today!  Does this event warrant an emoticon?  Yes, yes I believe it does.  OK, here it comes… 😦

Anyway, because it was our last bootcamp, Gerald decided it was finally time to get “intense”, because he is a delightful crazy man.  Wheelbarrows were involved, and mine have improved!  Yay!  We ran stairs a little, of course, to warm up.  Some sort of crazy rabbit-jumping thing all over some random pier on the Waterfront.  And what final bootcamp experience would be complete without piggybacks?  Also, plenty of compliments to me and all my increased badassed-ness and delightful weight-loss.  Whee~!

So, my closing thoughts on bootcamp are that is was ridiculously fun.  I seriously recommend it to anyone reading this, whatever your fitness level.  The first day I thought I was going to die, and it’s not like the stuff got easier, because as you get better you have to keep pushing yourself further, but once you realize how great it feels to hit that sweet point, you really want to keep going there.  I’m still a huge schlub compared to everyone else in the bootcamp, but it doesn’t even matter because it’s fun to try.  And a small, tight-knit group like that is really great to be involved with, because they actually care about whether you succeed or not.  If I’m still in Halifax next summer, I’m totally doing it again.

And I’m totally going to see them in kickboxing on Thursday, anyway.  Does this deserve another emoticon?  Two in one post?  Oh, let’s go nuts!  🙂


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