So, I’ve finally gone back to class, like all the cool kids do.  Maybe soon I’ll, like, set foot inside the bookstore, and the university experience will be complete.  Anyway!  My nine-hour-class-day went off without a hitch.  It was actually quite delightful!  The final three hours (Knowledge Management) looks to be, frustratingly, quite engaging and interesting, so I won’t even get to pass out at the back or anything.  It’s just because somehow I got to shoehorn in my rambling conspiracy theory about metaphors and politicians.  Dammit, Marina, do not encourage me in these things!

I did bellydancing in the middle, during lunch, which was so helpful as a brain break, but every time I thought about it I started subconsciously gyrating and doing snake arms in class, which was probably less than helpful.  Let’s say I’m increasing my mystique?

I wore my sassy fedora downtown today, and so many people smiled at me.  I should save it for days when I really need cheering up.  But that would be boring, so I’ll just wear it all the time.

Today was my lightweight day, with only one class that’s a measly three hours long.  Yawn.  Collections management, is what it was.  Somehow almost all of you were in this class, despite the fact that no one was talking about it.  I thought it was going to be me, alone in a room with Joyline.

I’ve been looking over my schedule, and as it stands, once things pick up in October, I’ll actually have four jobs, and three fitness classes (I had to drop Pilates, sadly), and those actual class things I’m apparently expected to do.  Also, homework, and an awesome social life I don’t plan on neglecting.  Maybe if I start sleeping now, I’ll have it all saved up, and I can just stay awake for two straight months?  Ah, but I kid!  I love a challenge!


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