Grappling! (for reals this time)

OK, grappling actually worked out this time, as in I showed up and people were there and at various times I had crotches in my face and was put in a choke hold.  I learned to tap out!

But, let us begin at the beginning.  Somersaults!  (I seriously thought this word was spelled summersault.  How have I never spelled that word before?)  We learned how to do, like, defensive somersaults.  Repeatedly.  I was really glad I didn’t drink at the Library House party last night.  Then!  Submission holds!  It’s this really weird mental block, putting someone into a submission hold.  Like, there’s the north-south position, in which I basically squish my partner’s face with my crotch, and I apologize for being mean, but that means I’m holding back, so I apologize for not squishing her face with my crotch hard enough.  I had similar problems with kneeling on her the chest… and kneeing her in the ass… and choking her.  Apparently it’s something you get over really quick!  The problem was, I always went first.  If she had smacked me around a little first, I may have been less inhibited.

(The one thing I had no problem with: lying face-down on her stomach and putting my arms out like an airplane.  Because that is just goddamned fun is what that is.)

Anyway, after that delightful endorsement, Courtney (the instructor) says that she’s negotiating to get September free for her women Sunday grappling students.  So come on down and get over any personal space issues you may have!  Facebook group exists here!


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