The case of the missing grappling class

Man, so grappling didn’t happen today because I couldn’t find it, or it was cancelled or something, I don’t know.  Man, I was all het up for some wrasslin’ and… nothing.  I got to what I think is the right place, and the door was locked and no one was there.  So I went to the mall instead, which is just such a pathetic use of frustrated grappling energy, one could weep.  I bought a $6.99 brush, because my old brush broke.  This means that, this summer, the grand total I’ve spent on my hair is: $6.99.  I am quite the catch, aren’t I?

Yesterday’s bootcamp was good times.  We spent the first half running laps through this residential area.  At one point a random guy asked me “Why are all you people running?” and I said “I don’t know, man, this guy’s making us.”  Then we started working out in a playground, and this little girl asked her mommy what the people were doing, and she was, like, “I-I don’t know, sweetie.  I couldn’t do that.”  So we’re scaring the locals, and that’s special.

A few of us decided to start a betting pool for bootcamp.  It’s usually a surprise where we’ll be, so we were betting on if we’d be at, say, a playground, or a park, or a hill.  The other bet was what body part would hurt most the next morning.  Shoulders and ass are out, because they’re too easy.  I took arms, and I think I won, because my arms certainly hurt.  Calves and abs are the big winners, because they can take a lot of punishment, but when they finally do hurt, holy crap holy crap holy crap.  I was trying to do odds, but I’m an idiot, so I was failing badly.

Oh yeah, I’ve completely forgotten about the lucid dreaming thing for weeks, so I guess that’s off.  Oh well!  I was starting to get edgy about all that permanent marker ink getting into my bloodstream.  Also, I was starting to dream about writing on my hand, which is just intensely self-defeating.


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