Potential new thing! Also: Kitties!

Oh man, do I have new thing to do: Grappling!  There’s a women’s-only grappling class on Sunday’s at noon, and I am so there, it’s like I’m already there (but I’m actually at the reference desk, pretending like I have any idea what grappling is).  Cynthia at bootcamp told me about it; apparently it’s half of what mixed martial arts is (the other half being kickboxing).

Today I went on my mid-morning cat walk and I totally found three cats.  That’s, like, a superfluence of cats.  I had two cats fighting over me at one point.  It was pretty flattering.

Bootcamp last night!  We ran up this fake plastic ladder that Gerald laid on the ground, then ran between the cones that he put down.  In various interesting and confusing ways, of course.  Usually I try to stay at the back of the line because I’m slow and crappy, but this time I actually tried to stay as close behind Suzanne (who’s really on the ball) as I possibly could so I could just mimic her.  It was just like a game a Simon Says.  “Suzanne is going in circles to the left, hey me too.  Oh, now she’s going to the right, oh I will too.  Suzanne’s hopping on her left foot, I will too.  Suzanne tripped over the cone… M-maybe I’ll skip that one.”  Don’t worry, though.  I tripped over the cones plenty of times on my own.

Today for lunch I made vegan tuna salad, which is like tuna salad but with chick peas!  Also, with curry powder and coriander for added Indian-tasticness.  Anyway, freaking delicious.  And so far away from me, right now.  I’m hungry, is what I’m saying.


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