Piggy Life Lesson

I feel this is kosher because no one is talking to me.  And apparently I have been remiss in my updating duties, and I guess there are at least, like, two more of you reading this than I thought.  Rad-tacular.

Bootcamp on the Waterfront this week.  On Saturday we did wheelbarrows, which it turns out do not agree with me.  I have some fabulous new bruises.  This is important, because my old bruises were starting to fade, and what’s life without bootcamp bruises?  (It’s like I’m in an abusive relationship with my fitness regime.  Is there a helpline for this?)

Also on Saturday we did piggyback rides again and I think I did better than last month, but I did have a smaller partner.  The weird thing is, apparently there is some sort of art to being given a piggyback ride, and I wasn’t doing particularly well as the piggybackee.  Maybe it’s a practice-makes-perfect sort of thing, but how often do you practice this?  It’s only at the crucial moment, when you’re being saved from the fire or whatever, do you generally get a piggyback ride, and then usually it’s not the time to talk technique or etiquette.  So, I’m telling you guys now, so you know the proper way:

  • Get high on your carrier’s hips.
  • Lean forward.
  • Squeeze tight with your thighs.

You’ll think you’re doing all these things enough, but you’re probably not, so do it more!  Really exaggerate!  My partner was a complete dream to carry, so this stuff must work.  So many life lessons I have for you people.


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