OK, so I emailed the National Library of France, like, two weeks ago, asking for an interlibrary loan request.  And they never responded to my email.  So I tried emailing them again, and they still never got back to me, and I’ve been badmouthing them all over the place, because it seems fucking France is just too good to talk to me.  But today I got a letter in mail from France because apparently when you email the National Library of France they just respond via post.  That is seriously the sweetest thing ever.  The letter is also in French, so I’m sort of just guessing that they’re actually filling the request.  I can make out about half of it.

Similar thing happened with Yale, actually, where I thought Yale was ignoring me like a bunch of Yalie douchebags, but when I called them up they were actually very sweet and just ridiculously understaffed.  (Oh Yale, I’ll come work for you.)  I would’ve called France if my French pronunciation were anything better than “aural violation”.  Now if I can just make my stupid faxes to Australia work, I will be ever so worldly from my little cubicle.

I’m still being terribly lazy and only doing bootcamp right now.  Must get off ass!  Stop being slug!


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