I just took my first ride on my shiny new (dirty, old) bike!  I went the gate of Point Pleasant Park and back.  It… was not elegant.  (It was probably a mistake to wear a skirt.)  But I made it!  No scars or anything!

I can’t decide if I’m more intimidated by the physical difficulty or the traffic.  Man!  Intersections!  Lane changes!  And I’m signalling like I’m trying to do fucking semaphore.  And I was doing this on a lazy Sunday.  I’m a complete wiener.  But going up hills was a fun (grueling) challenge.  I’m sure it will be a worthy replacement to bellydancing.

I’ve been a complete consumer whore this weekend.  In such a mood to buy pretty things.  Bootcamp has me in so much pain, I figure I deserve it.  Oh, such a terrible, delicious attitude.

No word yet on lucid dreams, but I’m keeping up the good fight.


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