I had my last hulahoop class of the summer today, so it’s time to move on to a new project.  I’ve decided on: lucid dreaming!  It all flows so nicely, right?  I know, you may think this is because of that movie Inception, but it’s really not.  Well, indirectly, but just because the movie is probably the reason the New York Times ran this really cool article on nightmares, which reminded me of a lucid dreaming book I read when I was thirteen, and NOW is the time to act on it, goddammit.

(This is what happens when you people leave me to my own devices for an entire lunch hour.)

Anyway, the advice in the book was this: draw a C on the back of your left hand with permanent marker (or on tape on your hand for you “losers” who don’t “poison” in your “blood”).  The C stands for Conscious, and every time you look at it, remind yourself that you’re awake.  The idea is that, eventually, you’ll start noticing in your dreams that you don’t have the C, realize that you’re dreaming, and BAM, you’re lucid dreaming.  I remember it actually started to work when I was a teenager, but I stopped because I kept waking myself up when I woke up in the dream.  So I’m trying again.

Now!  I’m taking dream requests!  If/when I start lucid dreaming, anyone have anything they think I should dream about?  The tough thing about lucid dreams is figuring out what to do once you realize it’s a dream.  Yes, the flying is obvious, but I can’t help but feel there’s so much more out there.  So, hit me with your best shots.  No reasonable offer will be refused.



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4 responses to “Dreamy

  1. Alyssa

    Okay – have a deep sea dream where you’re an octopus. Only how will you know which tentacle to inspect?

    • Brilliant! Then I could be a dreamy octopus, floating through the sea…

    • Amy McLay Paterson

      I’m kind of a dream virgin, so this could be a stupid question: can you be someone other than you in a dream? I always assumed people dreamed as themselves (or perhaps I have only known boring dreamers). Follow-up question: if you are having a dream as you and you start lucid dreaming, can you decide to be something else in the dream: like, for example, an octopus?

      • You can totally dream that you’re somebody else; I do it all the time. Like, you can dream you’re an animal, or a fictional character, or even some weird hybrid of a few characters. I assume once you lucid dream you could morph into an octopus at will. I’ve never had a lucid dream long enough to try. (Still no luck on the lucid dreaming; in a few weeks I may give up, ugh.)

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