Good night’s rest

I had a terrible sleep last night! I fell asleep super-drunk around midnight, and woke up still drunk at 3am. I then laid awake for hours as I slowly cycled from drunk to hung over. It’s a fascinating process that makes you pray for death! The figurative death of sleep, anyway. So actually not remotely death.

On the upside, bootcamp was fabulous. I got to be a bench while my partner did inclined pushups on me! Then I gave a (very muscular) woman a piggyback ride around a field. Am I badass yet?

In the end, I didn’t drink a bottle of soy sauce after my workout. You win this round, Society.



Filed under bootcamp, exercise, shenanigans

4 responses to “Good night’s rest

  1. kathleen

    Where’s the Belgian chocolate cake? Bring some to the Library house. and some liquor plums……..I think I would like liquor plums.

    • The cake thing is an old inside joke because I couldn’t think of another tagline… but I could totally make cake! And I still have a liqour plum sitting around, because I’m scared to eat it.

  2. That sounds like a potentially disastrous good idea!

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